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Tennessee’s Countdown to December Graduation: It’s 8 Days Away


It may be hard to believe, but there are only eight full days of classes left. That’s right; you heard us correctly. There are literally only eight days left in the Fall 2015 semester. How did it go by so fast? While others are probably thanking God for the end of their final semester as an undergrad. If you’re graduating in December, hold on just a little bit longer because that time is less than a month away. 


There are those of you who’ve somehow managed to graduate an entire semester early. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re proud of you. Go you! But graduating a semester early means one less semester of true freedom, constant partying, and shelter from the real adult world. Once you leave the sanctioned university you have called home for the past three years, that’s it kids, you get a piece of paper and a shove out into the real world. 


Of course there some people who took the path of an extended stay at UT. Which is for those of you who have decided– or probably had to– take a small victory lap in order to graduate. It’s funny how the new norm is to graduate in four and a half or five years instead of just four. Actually who are we kidding; it’s straight-up pathetic (and by pathetic we mean awesome). Unless your major requires you to spend over four years at school you need to be graduating in the allotted amount of time. But don’t worry, we’re sure your parents are still proud of you, especially when you move back in with them once you graduate. Man, why do people hate our generation again?


Regardless of which path you’re on, we think you should take the last few weeks of your college careers to really reflect on your time at the University of Tennessee. Think of all the great memories you’ve had (or don’t have). And who remembers the butt-chugging incident? These are important takeaways — the things you’ll remember forever. We also suggest you complete all those lame-ass things on your coveted “Senior Bucket List,” whether it’s visiting Ayres one last time or dining at the UC to spend every cent of that damn Flex Plan. Go ahead, get some overpriced candy and a bottle of water.


We also suggest you walk across the seal on Pedestrian Walkway. That’s right, just walk all over that thing; you’re finally graduating in three weeks so there can’t possibly be a curse to walk on it…or is there? 


When it finally comes time to walk across that stage and get that tiny piece of paper worth thousands of dollars, just be proud of yourself, dammit. And maybe spit in your hand before you shake Jimmy Cheek’s, but that’s merely a suggestion. 

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