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Top 10 Reasons We’ll Miss Boomsday

A sad day has come to the city of Knoxville – the end of an era, really. Our hearts are heavy as we prepare for the last and final Boomsday celebration. Boomsday has been a long-standing tradition on Labor Day weekend in K-Town when the sky is filled with a glorious showing of fireworks and students and town folk alike get hammered for the spectacle. However, this year is the last year to witness Boomsday and take part in all of the drunken festivities. The Black Sheep has the Top 10 Reasons We’ll Miss Boomsday.


10.) The Fireworks: Aside from the Fourth of July there is no greater spectacle of fireworks on the entire east coast other than that of the Boomsday celebration. It’s a time where the sky is filled with beautiful rainbows of light and everyone pauses to look at the sky in awe and – wait, why the f*ck are they cancelling it?


9.) The Parties: Before the viewing of the fireworks, most students on the UT campus would partake in a serious of ultra-fun; booze-filled partying in preparation for the magical night. Additionally, it’s the one night that all the cops are too busy dealing with drunk adults to bust all the college kids on the row or in the Fort.


8.) The Magic: It may sound lame, but the magic of fireworks and a good night with friends is going to be slaughtered from the cancelation of further Boomsday celebrations. Boomsday truly signified the end of the summer and the onset of fall, classes, and cooler weather. Without it, there will be nothing but the harsh reality of having to get your shit together.


7.) The People Watching: Aside from the massive amounts of students who attend Boomsday, the people of the city of Knoxville also enjoy the festivities. It’s really pretty interesting to see all of the Knoxvillians come of out the woodwork. From the 8th graders trying to get handsy behind the port-a-potties to those middle-aged guys with rebel flag tattoos wearing monster flat bills trying to get with 17-year-olds, it’s a real side-show. We’ve never seen so many pairs of jorts and chewing tobacco in our lives.


6.) The Excitement: Boomsday was always so cool because even if it was pouring down rain, circa 2012, or extremely hot and humid (circa every-f*cking-year), no one really seemed to care. The festivities and excitement took away from bad weather or shitty traffic. It almost seemed as if Boomsday was a freebie.


5.) The Free Entertainment: Boomsday was also a great experience because it was completely and totally free. Everyone knows that college kids live dollar to dollar, so when something free comes around you’re inclined to participate. Plus who wouldn’t want to get hammered on cheap beer and watch a 30-minute firework spectacular? It’s definitely the bang without the buck.


4.) The History: Boomsday has been around for a while and people all up and down the east coast and in the south know that it is literally the biggest firework show around (we’re number one in something, bitches). It’s something other than football or those damn mountains that will actually get someone to pay to travel to East Tennessee.


3.) Because it’s Bound to Lead to Something Bad: What will drunk rednecks, or college kids do when they don’t get their fill of large explosions? They create their own, and that’s exactly how bad things happen. Good job, Knoxville.


2.) Not the Traffic: This is kind of a reverse-reason, but we should at least acknowledge that there is one positive in all this: Boomsday traffic is about as fun as possibly taking a firework to the face – something that you understand if you’ve ever been through it.


1.) It’s An Explosion of Happiness: Because when you’re standing there, on top of a parking garage, surrounded by your friends, maybe your family, or maybe even strangers, all staring at the sky… you can grab the last beer while no one else is looking. And isn’t that what it’s really all about in the end?


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