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Top 10 Ways Vols Will Be Spending Their UTK Fall Break

Fall break is the much needed two-day break from classes in the middle of the semester, resulting in an awesome four-day weekend. The long weekend has potential to be filled with consecutive Fort parties, but in reality, most Vols use this weekend to visit home, catch up on sleep, celebrate surviving midterms, or binge-watch an entire Netflix series. Any of the above is a perfectly acceptable way to spend your fall break. So what will students be doing during fall break? The Black Sheep has the deets.

10.) Going home:
This one’s mostly for the youngins’ because they miss their wittle families oh so much (even though some drive home every weekend, but that’s none of our business). Regardless, going home for the long weekend can provide anyone with his or her first home cooked meal in months, probably the chance to play with the pet you left behind, and just relax. But you’ll be ready to go back to school in no time with your parents nagging you 24/7. It’s like you never even left.

9.) Staying on campus:
The exact opposite of going home. Prepare yourself for the onset of a mass exodus of students and professors alike. UT will become a ghost town in a matter of 24 hours and those left behind will pretty much have absolutely nothing to do. Enjoy time with yourself; really get to know you, it’ll be fun. Have a drink by yourself, treat yourself to some dinner, take a bubble bath, and walk around your apartment naked, you know you want to.

8.) Working:
If you have to stay on campus this weekend perhaps it’s because you’re one of the unlucky people who didn’t request off work and you’ll be stuck at that wonderful minimum wage job of yours. Or maybe you’re already in the real world and have to stay to work that 9-5, either way everyone is going to be having a much better time than you.

7.) Studying:
Still have copious amounts of work and studying to do even after midterms? That freaking sucks!  Enjoy being in Hodges by yourself. Hell, are they even open over fall break? Who knows; guess y’all will have to find out for us.

6.) Taking a vacation:
If you’re one of these lucky people, just get the f**k out already. Whether you’re going on a hiking adventure with your best friends, visiting another school, or even the Bahamas for the weekend, chances are everyone’s jealous of you. And you shouldn’t tell anyone how much fun you had because you might get punched in the face. 

5.) Binge watching Netflix:
Nothing exciting to do for fall break? Yeah, well join the club. However, now is your time to shine. Pick a show you’ve been dying to watch and just haven’t had the time and begin a four-day TV watching binge. You’ll have to order a lot of food and not shower that often, but it’s fine because no one will be there to judge. Too bad no one will be around to “Netflix and chill” with. Maybe next time killer.

4.) Drinking:
Maybe being alone in Foxy Knoxy doesn’t bother you and you’re prepared to take on the bars as a one-man army. Hats off to you, brave soul. Enjoy all the drink specials, take advantage of the DJ and finally get your party playlist recognized. Get shitty, fall down a couple times, maybe even puke in the bathroom and not clean it up, no one will be there to remind you of what happened, so why not am I right!?

3.) Spending unnecessary amounts of money:
Regardless of whether your stay in Knoxville or travel, you’re going to have to spend a shit ton of money over the weekend. Unnecessary alcohol and food will be purchased as well as clothing if you get bored and decide to go “window shopping.”

2.) Actually working out:
You might be so bored this weekend that you actually start to work out. That’s right, participating in physical activity, or getting fit. It’s ok, we know this is when you planned to start your New Year’s Resolution anyway so no shame. 

1.) Wondering why the hell you left campus:
As you’re sitting there in your parents’ living room with no access to your lifestyle of borderline functioning-alcoholism and hot pieces of the opposite gender, you’ll be itching to get back to good ol’ Rocky Top. And we’ll be waiting.

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