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We Asked 5 Very Drunk UT Students About What Happens In The Fort

Frat parties, dumpster diving, couch burning, and an ever-present police force: welcome to a typical night in Fort Sanders, the HQ of UT’s off-campus population where you just never really know what’s going to go down on any given Saturday night. The Black Sheep took it to the streets this Saturday night and interviewed six students about their strangest experience in Fort Sanders: 

5.) “I was just walking down the street the other day when someone drove past me and threw a firecracker out of their car window. I have never been caught so off guard in my entire life.” – Rachel, 19 
You’ve got to love the spontaneity of the residents in the Fort. They will do anything to mess with someone even if it makes them feel like their life is danger. 

4.) “The other night I was walking back from my friend’s apartment at about 1, and a bunch of frat guys pulled me into their house to do a keg stand. I don’t remember their names, but those guys are a good time. I ended up not making it back to my place until about 5.” – Carson, 21
Nowhere else does the alcohol flow freely quite as freely as it does in Fort Sanders. You have to love the generous residents that live here.

3.) “The weirdest night I have ever had in the Fort happened not too long ago. My friend Chris dragged me to a party and whoever lived there handed me a drink. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but the next thing I know I woke up back in my bed 14 hours later. Turns out it was a cup full of absinthe.“ – Lukas, 22
They will give you more than you can handle, but it’s always free of charge. Party hard, rinse, and repeat week in and week out.

2.) “I’m fuuucked up! … We are never gonna win the East like this—fuck!” – Jordie, 21
Honestly, this one just kind of explains itself.

1.) “When I was a freshman, I was really worried about the police showing up at a party I was at. It was the first week of school, and I actually thought they were going to arrest me. So I jumped out of a second story window and ended up breaking my ankle. Someone should really tell freshmen just to drop their cup and walk away.” – Kelly, 20
These are the people that you should learn from. Forget peer reviews in your classes, just spend a weekend in the Fort, and you will learn more than a semester in Chem 120.

Listen to our podcast, where we talk about being drunk! 

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