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Uptown Bar — Rumorz Reincarnated?


Word on the street is that there’s a new bar in town. Uptown Bar and Grill recently opened this past June and it has been a hit ever since. Conveniently located on Cumberland Avenue, lovingly known as “The Strip.” It’s the perfect place to stumble to on the weekends when you wanna get your drank and nae-nae on. It has a nice set-up with the perfect mix of tables and dance floor space; it even has an outdoor patio to view the wondrous progress of construction or the drunk people stumbling through the Taco Bell parking lot. Some have even dared to compare it to the once-almighty Rumorz Night Club…dun dun dun.


Anyone who has attended the University of Tennessee after 2013 knows not of the glory and greatness that was once Rumorz. And if you’re a guy you remember it as the place you paid to get into while the girls got in free. It was one of the most ratchet places we have ever been to, yet it provided us with some of the greatest nights we will never remember (partially, at least). There were Free Beer Fridays, $5 liquor pitchers, a stripper pole, and a bunch of sweaty-handsy people on the dance floor. Oh man, that dance floor was another planet where anything goes. The Strip wasn’t the Strip without a Friday night spent at Rumorz. Sadly, the most glorious nightclub of all time shut down in 2013 and was never heard from again…until now!


Uptown Bar and Grill has become the phoenix risen from the ashes of what was once Rumorz.  Uptown may still be a new and budding bar but it has made its presence known the past couple of weekends. The lines to get in crawled down the sidewalk and the inside was a mosh pit of drunken partygoers. It was the perfect college setting. 


You only have to be 18 to get in, until ten o’clock that is, then the real adults have all access as the age switches to 21. Once you’re in let the party begin. Immediately, there are hot bartenders with $3 beers waiting for you at the top of the stairs. There’s an outside bar AND an inside bar (gasp). That’s right people, there are three separate places to consume alcohol from, go get ‘em tigers. 


Within seconds of entering the bar, the music is bumping and the anticipation of a great night is high. There are friends and possible one-night stands everywhere. The bar is so crowded you have to wait in line, but it doesn’t even matter because you’re too lit to care. Who knows, your future spouse could be in that crowd. 


We love Uptown so much that we’ve begun to wonder if it’s Rumorz reincarnated. Which depending on who you are, is really exciting or really scary. But hey, it’s college. Get weird. Get in there on that dark dance floor, and as the infamous Knoxvillian Kenny Chesney would say, leave with a 10 at 2 and wake up with a 2 at 10.

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