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5 Things UT’s Incoming Freshmen Won’t Put On Their Applications

When it comes to the college experience, it all starts with those dreaded applications. Many students have different approaches to the art of application: some allow grades to speak for themselves, some share personal stories of their love for the school, and some—well some just know that their parents have made hefty donations. The Black Sheep all managed to get into college, so we used our expertise to come up with a few things that shouldn’t be on your applications.

5.) “Just here for the ride – the full ride”:
Oooooooh Hope Scholarship, how you love me! At least, that is the thought process of some students when deciding to invest both their academic and financial future in Big Orange Country. There is nothing wrong with getting the best for one’s money, but probably is not something to brag about in that application essay.

4.) “UT Orange is really ugly”:
It would not be a proper article without a dose of controversy. Many reportedly love the color and proudly display it on their clothes, cars, and possibly their blood (tests are still being ran to see if Vols actually bleed orange). However, it would be fair to say that a strong portion of these said lovers are in fact hiding behind an orange wall of lies. There might be a reason prisoners wear orange – it is punishment!

3.) “Choice #1… by default”:
There are many students who put aside time and money to apply to as many colleges as possible. On the opposite side, there are students who just applied to one school. That school was possibly UT. While the confidence is admirable, it might not be best to admit that you might have been too cheap to pay too many application fees.

2.) “Hook-up before book-up”:
While spending weekends studying does seem like a great strategy, it might not always be in the plans. Weekends are vital time to be free and see friends, family, drink your worries (and all the information learned in class that week) away. Maybe you plan to spend those weekends with a partner that you don’t have to pay to sleep with? This idea might get you a few celebratory high-fives from buddies, but it probably shouldn’t go on your application.

1.) “Just here because of my parents”:
How many of UT’s students can say that family had zero influence in the choice to come to the school? Whether it’s for legacy, for cost, for sports pride, or for threats of disownment, many students walk the orange path because Mom and Dad told them to… but please don’t tell UT that.

While UT is a dream school to many, even the incoming freshmen know it’s not perfect. But as long as we keep these dirty secrets to ourselves, there’s no harm done, right?. Here’s hoping Chancellor Davenport doesn’t see this…


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