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7 Things That Volunteer Pilgrims Would Have Brought on the Mayflower

Everyone has read and learned about the Mayflower since they were kids. You learned about how the pilgrims came over to find a better life in the New World. They brought essentials over with them such as food, water, and Puritan guilt. Had it been Volunteer pilgrims on that ship,it would’ve be rowdy as hell, and here’s what the real UT fans in the room would bring.

7.) Natty Light:
If you are going to be spending any measurable amount of time at sea, then you are going to need to keep hydrated. And what better way to do that by drinking the wateriest beer to have ever brewed. Vols help Vols stay hydrated, whether that be at a tailgate or at sea.

6.) Jon Gruden (tied and gagged):
At the start of the voyage, the Tennessee fans had Butch Jones with them. But after an elaborate mutiny that took the majority of the voyage, Butch was eventually tossed overboard. The desperate Vols in search of a new leader caught wind of a castaway named Jon Gruden who was adrift somewhere in the sea. They would do anything it takes to get him on board, even if it meant kidnapping the poor man.

5.) A Cook Out tray:
Any good voyage is going to need snacks along the way, and no snack is better than a tray from Cook Out. Where else could you get a quesadilla meal with two quesadillas on the sides? Or a side of chicken nuggets and a chicken wrap? Honestly iconic, and no pilgrim would be caught dead without it. 

4.) Vol Navy flag:
Every good ship needs a flag, and what better flag than that of the Vol Navy? Not every football fanbase has its own congregation of ships, but everyone knows that sailgating is the way of the future. As an added plus, if you ever have to throw a man overboard (Butch Jones), then some of these ships have water slides attached to them.

3.) Adderall:
Good Vols are devoted to their studies and are willing to do anything to keep their grades up. Sure, the use of performance-enhancing drugs is banned on and off the field. But just like all of the great scandals of the past few years, it’s only illegal if you get caught. You gotta git gud.

2.) Hunch Punch:
It’s important to de-stress while you are out at sea, and nothing will get you into a chill mode faster than some Hunch Punch. Legends tell of a punch so strong that no one really knows what’s in it. The good news is there is probably an orange juice base, which is great for keeping the scurvy away at sea (gotta love preventing disease and protecting fellow Vols).

1.) Peyton Manning jersey:
If you want to be a Vol, then you need to dress the part. How will anyone know that you’re a VFL if you’re out there dressing like a hipster or (God forbid) a Florida fan? And what better day to do that, then to dress in the likeness of one of the greatest Vols to ever live? 

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