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7 Ways to Look Like You Know What You’re Doing at UT’s Spring Job Fair

It’s time to dust off your only pair of slacks, Vols, because UT’s biggest job fair will be happening in just a week. Are you ready to take on 200+ potential employers and far more students, all crammed into Thompson-Boling Arena in a four-hour stress-driven business casual extravaganza? Luckily, The Black Sheep is here to help. We’ve tirelessly researched the best job-finding strategies to make sure YOU get the unpaid internship you deserve.

7.) Bring many copies of your resume:
Remember your resume? The thing you made freshman year that includes your summer job at McDonald’s? Yeah, bring that. Print a mountain of copies and hand them out like they’re New Testaments. If you’re really ambitious, go a step further and steal other students’ resumes, replacing them with stacks of your own. If the only resume they receive is yours, you’re automatically the top candidate.

6.) Do your research:
Before the fair, stalk research potential employers like they’re your ex-boyfriend on Instagram. Find them on LinkedIn. Find them on Facebook. Figure out their address. When you finally meet them in person at the job fair, hand them a print-out of their browsing histories. They’ll be so impressed with your dedication and resourcefulness that they’ll probably hire you on the spot!

5.) Use assertive body language:
Tell potential employers how confident you are without even saying a word. Bring out your “power stance,” by planting your feet as far apart as possible, demonstrating you down-to-earth yet flexible nature. Assertive body language can also be found in the animal kingdom. For chimps, a wide grin and aggressive eye contact means “I am afraid,” but for humans it means “I am afraid of unemployment, please hire me.” Alternatively, you can stare wistfully into your potential employer’s eyes until they offer you a job to make you stop.

4.) Come as early as possible:
Job fairs get busy fast, so camp out like you’re a film studies major at a Star Wars premiere. Skip all your classes, hide under a table, and hop out at 2 p.m. sharp like a resume-wielding cuckoo clock. Your potential employers might be horrified, but they might also be impressed by your go-getter attitude.

3.) Dress to impress:
You need to distinguish yourself from the hordes of business frat boys in blazers and khakis. Try dressing up your business casual outfit with a statement piece, like a sash that says “EMPLOYABLE” or a Smokey mascot head.

2.) Take their business cards:
After you’ve covered a recruiter’s booth with copies of your resume, ask for the hiring manager’s business card. Grab whatever pamphlets they have, too, and repeat the process at every booth. When you get home, cover your walls with the business cards and brochures so you remember to call and follow up. You may look like an obsessive serial killer to your roommate, but your persistence will be key!

1.) Develop your elevator pitch:
Elevator pitches aren’t as difficult as you think. In fact, you’ve already written one – your Tinder bio! Just replace your zodiac sign with your major, “I love coffee” with “I enjoy challenges,” and “Send me your best pickup line” with “How can I get a spot on your interview schedule?” Just make sure you edit out all references to casual encounters so that you don’t accidentally proposition some human resources manager.


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