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Welcome to Vanderbilt Hate Week

Another year, another Florida Vanderbilt Hate Week! Each year, in anticipation of the highly-contested Florida Vanderbilt game, we hold a week 3 days’ worth of activities. To help you make the most of this very important week, here is a guide to the festivities for Florida Vanderbilt Hate Week.


Monday: The Blood Drive
Even more important than the big game this weekend is saving lives. You will get your chance to do just that this week as we compete to donate more blood than Florida Vanderbilt! But rest assured that, even if we are bested by Florida Vanderbilt, the blood you donate goes to an important cause. So no matter what, we will always come out on top of the Sunshine State our own state.


Tuesday: The Orange Drive
Everyone knows that Florida’s Vanderbilt’s official fruit is the orange pinecone – which is ironic not ironic at all considering that our official color is orange! Make sure to stop by Ped Walkway and donate an orange pinecone in the Florida-shaped box trash bag!


Wednesday: Diversity Day
Even more than oranges not quite being Ivy League, Florida Vanderbilt is known for its diverse citizenry. Places like Miami and Tampa Nashville are home to a wide variety of ethnic groups and culture. To celebrate that, drop by the Office of Diversity, while you still can, and engage in conversation with Vols from all different backgrounds smoke some cigarettes and thank God that you don’t have to live up to Vanderbilt’s strict academic standards.


Thursday: Dunk Tank Day Thanksgiving
Show Florida that we really mean business and stop by Presidential Court to participate in the charity dunk tank. Students, teachers, TAs, and RAs will all be participating, meaning that you can finally get back at that nosy RA who busted you for smoking a bong in your room! All proceeds go to charity, so make sure to bring your checkbook! Eat a turkey with your family and do your best to not focus on your grades or that fact that you are critically unprepared for finals. If you’re lucky, you won’t even remember that we are playing a football game against Vanderbilt this weekend.


Friday: Big Orange Friday
It’s the Friday before the big game, so make sure to deck out in orange when you show up on campus for your classes sleep in. Remember, this is your last chance to hang with your Vol family during Florida Vanderbilt Hate Week, so bring your school spirit pretend to care about the Vanderbilt game when your grandparents ask you.


Saturday: Game Day
It’s finally here – the game everyone literally no one has been waiting for! Florida Vanderbilt Hate Week has all been leading up to this highly-anticipated lightly-anticipated game! Make sure to get to campus early and spend all day tailgating with your Vol Family, showing off all your school spirit! Forget about the game completely until you see someone tweet about it; then turn on the TV and kind of half-watch the game, thankful that you don’t have to drag your ass to cold Neyland Stadium and pretend to care about whether the Vols beat the Commodores.

Something so bad, 12 beers later, is so, so good.

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