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8 Saddest Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Alone around UT

If you’ve been wondering why classes are cancelled this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, it’s because good ol’ Thanksgiving is this week. Thanksgiving, well known and associated with jolly times spent pigging out on homemade buffets and bonding with the fam, has long been revered by students as a time to not have to do any school work. Should you find yourself among the unfortunate bunch unable to travel home for this holiday, not to worry, you can still experience Thanksgiving at UT by following this handy guide:

8.) Jester Wendy’s:
Dine like royalty this Thursday by hitting up the Wendy’s situated within the luxurious Jester dorms. Everyone else will be at home with their loving families, so you can have the place all to yourself, with no lines to wait in. If you’re on a budget, you can still buy like three 4 for $4 combos and just gorge to resolve the pain of inner loneliness.

7.) Raising Cane’s:
Maintain the spirit of eating a copious amount of diverse foods by heading on down to the Raising Cane’s off MLK. With the combination of chicken (turkey), fries (potatoes), double toast (rolls), and coleslaw (disgusting potato salad you won’t touch), you can have your own, personal version of a sad, pathetic little Thanksgiving.

6.) Dunkin’ Donuts:
If you can’t go home because it costs too much for gas/plane tickets, consider just spending the weekend as a squatter in the still-renovating DD. This may be technically illegal, but you can scrap for food and feast on any dead bugs for free. Plus, the isolating loneliness will surely lend plenty of time for you to reflect on all the fun your family’s experiencing without you.

5.) Union:
Just about everyone else will be at home for Thanksgiving enjoying the time they get to spend with family, yet state law requires that the Union always be stupid busy whenever you want to grab lunch. Should you decide to hit up Quiznos or Chick-fil-A, you’ll be amongst 300 other students, which might just trick your brain into believing that you’re surrounded by loving family and friends.

4.) Pluckers:
Reminisce back to how you and your family would spend Thanksgiving afternoon huddled around the TV watching the Cowboys on their way to another 8-8 season. Now that you won’t be around to enjoy familial bonding experiences this year, you can go to Pluckers, where you can watch the Zeke-less Cowboys struggle to score double-digit points.

3.) Hole in the Wall:
This is pretty self-explanatory: the only way to make your lonely Thanksgiving any more depressing would be to spend it at the only bar on Guad with insects, which you won’t be able to see in the pitch black lighting.

2.) Taco Bell Cantina:
There’s no better way to drink away the pain of neglect than downing three or four spiked Baja Blasts and chowing down on some empanadas. All the Tex-Mex food you consume will likely remind you of all the times your parents took the family out to eat, but that shouldn’t be too painful to ruminate over. Additionally, that awful feeling in your stomach after you finish eating will remind you of stuffing your face at previous Thanksgiving gatherings, except this time you won’t be surrounded by loving friends and family.

1.) DKR:
There’s no better way to watch Texas get eliminated from bowl contention than chowing down on some yummy $15 hot dogs. Sure, the Tech game may technically take place the day after Thanksgiving, but you can still treat it like times of old when you’d watch Texas whoop Aggie ass every year. Only this time, the Horns can’t score against a team of wet paper towel rolls, so don’t expect the game itself to be any fun.

Spending Thanksgiving alone can be a lonesome ordeal, so hopefully being able to treat yourself locally here in Austin can change that. Even if it doesn’t, at least you don’t have to answer any questions from relatives about *shudders* your future.

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