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Engineering Students Take a Knee at UT Tower to Protest Midterms

Thousands of engineering students gathered around the famed UT Tower last Saturday night in solidarity to take a knee in demonstration against midterms. The large crowd was gathered while the University of Texas Alma Mater, The Eyes of Texas, played. Among the group, one student strongly expressed her anger.

“Dude, I just gotta be honest and say I’m beyond worn out,” Lauren Cabello, a junior mechanical engineering major told us. “When I first came to UT, pretty much the only thing I actually knew about engineering majors was that they made a lot of money, and I’m not going to lie or anything, that seemed pretty cool to me. I had no idea what engineers actually do, and I’m pretty sure no one outside of Cockrell does, but I had no idea it’d be this tough.”

When asked to dispel any myths that might exist about what a typical midterm or an engineering class might look like, Lauren was not able to clearly articulate her thoughts.

“Not to brag about how much I study or anything, but oh my gosh, I didn’t even get to sleep until like 5 in the morning, and then I had to wake up at 7 for class. But, I’m really passionate about my education and corporate America so it’s not a big deal,” Lauren told us.

“I have someone on my Facebook that I met at orientation who is a Theatre major, and they just made a post about how they had an essay due in their Theatre History class for their midterm that was stressing them out,” said Alex, a friend of Lauren’s, also an Engineering student. “What does that even look like? I mean okay, you love Hamilton, we get it.” 

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to continue our conversation with Alex as he had become increasingly distraught. He was later seen walking towards the FAC sobbing and shouting, “I seriously just want to have the time to go to 6th Street or just make a friend at a party at least once before I graduate.”

Another student who was at the peaceful protest came to speak to us once Alex was gone. She claimed to be Alex’s best friend since starting her freshman year at UT.

“Yeah, he’s a transfer. Real engineering majors only cry on the inside. He must have gotten really, really lucky because he barely made it into Cockrell,” said Alex’s friend while throwing a disapproving look in his direction.

Regardless of Alex’s status as a transfer, his opinion seemed to be one held by a majority of the students who were present to protest. A small minority of those gathered, however, had a much different take on the issue at hand.

 “I think it’s bull I even have take midterms. Like if I get the information, why even bother testing me?” Our source, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity for fear of backlash from professors, went on to elaborate on his intelligence. “I’m really smart so like what the fuck, midterms? I don’t just watch Rick and Morty, I actually get the jokes on a deeper level.”

The protest was the first time the students of Cockrell had seen the sun other than their walk to class. While midterm grades are important, clearly some of them needed the socializing and the tan.

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