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Drinking Game: Shots and Ladders

This game is a variation of the popular children’s board game, a Chutes and Ladders drinking game! Shots and Ladders is an upgraded version of that game that captures your childhood fun, and makes it better with alcohol. Monopoly would have taken a little bit too long, anyway.


What you’ll need:
-The board game Chutes and Ladders.

-A park near you.

-At least 2 handles of fun flavored vodka like cake or pineapple, depending on the number of players you can bring and of course a childlike sense of adventure.

Number of Players:
As many as possible, but a minimum 3. Hopefully you have some friends left over from your childhood. If not, make some new ones.

Level of Intoxication:
Drunk enough to forget about your adult responsibilities. This can also be referred to as “completely and utterly wasted.”


How to Play:
– Start by taking your group of pals to a park somewhere where there is a jungle gym.

– Sit in the middle of the park and play Chutes and Ladders.

– Whenever you get Ladders, yell out your childhood pet’s name. When you get Chutes, take a shot. Continue until you have a winner.

– The winner now becomes the proxy. Whenever the proxy exclaims their childhood pet’s name, the remaining players must get to the highest point of the jungle gym. The person who get’s to the highest point first is now the proxy. The player at the lowest point needs to take a shot.

– This rotation continues.

The Game Ends When:
Someone gets so drunk that they fall off from the jungle gym everyone else laughs at them and they go to the hospital and they die. Make sure to make them feel like they did when they were bullied in elementary school.

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