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Sorority Girl’s Birthday Ruined by Lack of Golden “21” Balloons

At the University of Illinois, even though the legal age for admittance to Champaign bars is 19, 21st birthdays are still widely celebrated. Per tradition, UIUC sorority balloons are a must, and members are expected to supply their sisters with a giant gold or silver “21.”

One sorority member, senior Rebecca Smith of Alpha Chi Delta, lived through the trauma of not receiving said balloons.

“I was completely heartbroken,” Smith reported, bursting into tears. “I was so sure they would buy me golden ‘21’ balloons so I wouldn’t have to go to make the two-block trek to Walgreens myself. I had no choice but to post a picture of me at Lion, completely wasted with my boyfriend, instead of a picture with what I really wanted to hold in my arms…those gorgeous golden balloons.”

Smith reportedly went weeks sulking in despair after the incident.

“I felt like an outcast,” Smith said. “I felt completely and utterly ostracized, like a loser geed. I could never have imagined my birthday turning into such a disaster. I don’t think my Instagram presence will ever truly recover.”

“All the balloons were just out of stock,” Smith’s best friend Carly Adams said in defense. “I totally feel bad that Rebecca lost like 90 loyal followers that night, though. I can’t imagine that type of pain.”

Smith went on to become the first and only member of Alpha Chi Delta in the sorority’s history to survive a 21st birthday party without golden “21” balloons.

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