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3.14 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day 2018 at Cal

You’ve been crossing off the days in your calendar. You’ve got your great-great grandma’s recipe by heart. You’ve memorized up to 200 letters, ready to best anyone who could possibly try to one-up you. That’s right, the big day is actually tomorrow: IT’S PI DAY!!!!! Known fondly to many Cal engineers as the day they were denied from MIT, and to everyone else as the number (three point) one (four) day of the year, we here at The Black Sheep just couldn’t not write about it. While you probably already have your Pi Day plans made (I mean—who doesn’t), here are some fun ways to spend your Pi Day this year at Berkeley! *DISCLAIMER* This article will actually have 7 ways to celebrate this Pi Day; you can’t have 0.14 ways to celebrate; that’s just silly.

7.) Head on down to Sliver to share a pizza PIe with some friends:
Earlier this semester, everyone’s favorite one-pizza-a-day, green-sauce smothered pizza place moved to Telegraph. This move to a far more convenient place was celebrated by those celebrating Pi Day far and wide, and is widely regarded a must-visit on this momentous day. For extra fun, be sure to order 3.14 pizzas. The workers will love you!

6.) Throw PIe at people on Sproul:
Every year on Pi Day, there are people out fundraising for this or that. Go support their charity event, and throw some pie in people’s faces! It’s fun, and socially beneficial!

5.) Yell “PI DAY” on every floor of Evans:
As everyone knows, the math classes taught get harder on each level of Evans. To celebrate the mathematical wonder that is Pi, go up every floor and solve a math problem presented by a GSI on each level. For extra Pi Day fun, make sure to be screaming “PI DAY PI DAY!” the whole time! People are sure to love you for you mathematical enthusiasm.

4.) PIrate your favorite movie:
May we suggest PIrates of the Caribbean?

3.) PIne after lost love ones:
Pi Day is the second most romantic holiday, right after President’s Day and right before Valentine’s Day (yes, we know this is controversial as CuPId also contains Pi. But deal with it). Naturally, the romances you inevitably fucked up are sure to come to mind to day. Pay your homage to them by thinking about each and every past loved one, especially the ones you thought you were over. How fun!

2.) sPIders:

1.) PIth some cattle:
While Berkeley is known far and wide as a haven of vegetarians and vegans, even they get in on the fun for Pi Day! I mean, who doesn’t love removing the sPInal cords of cows? Wowie, so fun!

 Happy Pi Day all! Also, if you made it this far, honestly what are you doing. 


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