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6 Things at Berkeley That Are Not Very #ZeroWaste

The city of Berkeley has set the ambitious goal to be zero waste by 2020, a goal as reasonable as Berkeley football winning the national championship this year. As UC Berkeley holds itself true to the community, they also adhere to the same standards. But, seeing that the community is struggling to reach this benchmark, we’ve found the top 6 things at UC Berkeley that aren’t zero waste.

6.) A red Solo cup:
Nothing says kuh-lassy like a red Solo cup. Whether you’re trying to get down at a barn party or over at your grandma’s 90th birthday party, you always see that special red cup. Here at Berkeley frat row is renowned for its use of the red cup, among many other things it uses. Sadly, the city of Berkeley has marked these as a top waste product of the year. So instead of using Solo cups, we suggest using glass cups. Although less safe for the user, at least the environment will be safe. #zerowaste.

5.) Flyers at Sproul:
Not only are they annoying, but they are a huge waste. Let’s be honest, everything being advertised on Sproul is a big no go. All this paper just goes right into the trash. Saving the rainforest, no. Saving the vegans, no. Saving the environment, no but yes. Next time someone on Sproul asks “Do you care about single mothers that are orphans in a third world country?” and tries to hand you a flyer, reject the flyer and look them in the eyes and say “No, but I care about the environment.” #zerowaste.

4.) Textbooks:
Are you really gonna read your Anthro 128 textbook about the effects of Mesopotamian cookware in the 14th century? We didn’t think so. Are you gonna do the reading for any other class? We didn’t think so. So our solution… throw the books away… actually, that’s not #zerowaste. Don’t buy them at all. If your parents ask what books you need for the upcoming semester, just tell them you don’t need any because of your commitment to #zerowaste.

3.) Lecture notes:
In a direct correlation to textbooks, we also see these as unnecessary… for the environment of course. What are you going to do with these? Study them? Ha. Do you even take study notes? If no, thank you for being #zerowaste. If yes, please stop. If not for the environment, for the sake of the curve. #zerowaste.

2.) Crossroad’s Food:
Although many eat at Crossroads, many more don’t. This is a wise decision. For the environment. Large amounts of food are thrown away at Crossroads in complete waste. Although much is inedible and having it used as compost would kill all the trees and shrubbery in Berkeley, we should turn the leftovers into rodent food. #zerowaste.

1.) Zero Waste trash locations:
These devices are much too confusing for your average college student, and even for your above average college student. With three holes and labeled regions, no one knows where to put their water bottle. Our suggestion, one trash can that reads #zerowaste. #zerowaste.

Through all of this, we hope that in 2020 we will reach the promised land also known as #zerowaste.

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