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7 Alternative Uses for Woo Hon Fai Hall

While you may never have known the name of this building before right now (admittedly we had to do some serious investigatory work to find it ourselves), you definitely recognize this massive chunk of concrete that spans across Bancroft and Durant. Possibly the only building on campus even more attractive than Evans, this classic brutalist piece of architecture accompanied by its distinctive, silver fence surrounding that used to be BAMPFA, has lain dormant since 2014. We feel that it is time to stop putting such a classic, timeless building to waste with some creative new uses perfect for the space!

7.) Student housing:
Of course, the Berkeley campus is already known for its expansive, inexpensive, wonderful housing accommodations, so some of you out there may think this is a little excessive. However, with its distinct lack of windows and completely grey interior and exterior are sure to brighten the already sunshiney lives of Cal students!

6.) A Prison:
Just think: you wouldn’t even have to change the design one bit. Sure we’ll have prisoners roaming our campus from time to time, but maybe that’ll lower housing costs! 

5.) Another gym:
Again, realize this might feel excessive too. What student could possibly need more than the RSF and the Memorial Stadium Fitness Center? Don’t worry, we thought of that too! Clearly, what is truly needed is another athlete-only gym. Since we all only come here for the football team, and their gym definitely isn’t large enough for their expansive mass, we need to move some of the spillover here. It’s only right considering how much money they bring to the school.

4.) Another 3D printing lab:
Have you ever seen or heard of more than two Berkeley students who’ve ever used our 3D printers? Neither have we! But it’s neat to have them.

3.) A Kiwibot holding ground:
You know that episode of Black Mirror where those robot dogs turn against the humans and kill like all of humanity? Even if you don’t, you can’t deny that that’s what’s going to happen with the Kiwibots one day. Sure, today they’re smiling and bringing us food, but tomorrow… Who knows? We should really just be prepared.

2.) Another Greek House:
It’s prime location by Asian Ghetto and Wurster are sure to make this place #tophouse in no time at all.

1.) Another on-campus dining option:
Remember Ramona’s? Remember how nice it was to be able to use your meal points at a nice place right by your classes? Yeah, well fuck that. Let’s get another super-expensive place on campus that you’ll go to only because it’s convenient. 

Honestly, we’re not sure if any of these are the right use for this building, but it sure beats leaving it empty on a campus where you have to fight just to get a chair in a library!

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