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7 Things Berkeley Students Did During Dead Week Instead of Studying

As students at Cal, we’re all familiar with the intense degree of studying requisite for any final exam, but we’re even more acquainted with creative, and sometimes, extreme ways Berkeley students skillfully evade actually studying. What can we say? We’re too smart for our own good.


7.) Performed Basic Life Tasks:

“So I’ve showered, worked out, done laundry, and cleaned my room. I even vacuumed. But, like, it’s okay. I can’t study with my room so cluttered or my hair so greasy! And you know what? I should rearrange some furniture. The feng-shui of this room has always been off. I can’t study if my inner, invisible force isn’t in harmony with that mahogany armoire facing North.”


6.) Started Journaling:

“I mean, now is the perfect time! I’m insanely stressed and writing will help me get out my emotion. And I won’t retain any information if I study in this mental state.”


5.) Studied for Kips’ Trivia:

“Their questions have been getting really obscure of late, and I need to win a cup or shirt.”


4.) Called Their Mom:

“I should really call my mom. I haven’t talked to her in so long, she probably thinks I’m dead. I can take, like, a 15-minute study break. She definitely won’t talk longer than that.”


3.) Listened to a Podcast on the Burgeoning Economies of Third World Countries:

“I’ve been meaning to be more informed about the some of the fastest growing global economies. Tanzania and Mozambique deserve to be recognized.”


2.) Bought Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Each and Every Member of Their Extended Family:

“Hey, I’ve spent an hour alone in Avant-Card, but at least they’ll be the physical embodiment of the Holiday Spirit by buying everyone things they want.”


1.) Pissed on the Floor Just to Clean It Up:

“Well, it’s been that kind of week.”

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