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Berkeley Student Lists ‘Going To Therapy’ As An Extracurricular On LinkedIn

Amidst recent career fairs, students everywhere are attempting to give themselves an edge on their resume. Sophomore Brynn McCormick is blowing her competition away by doing something no one’s ever seen before: listing “weekly therapy” as an extracurricular on LinkedIn.

“Everybody puts snazzy stuff on their LinkedIn, like interning at Adobe or working for a U.S. Senator,” said McCormick. “But unfortunately my daily struggle to stay alive has gotten in the way of such goals, so my extracurricular is the utmost act of bravery of getting the help I need so that I can occasionally get out of bed and buy groceries.”

McCormick’s newest addition to her LinkedIn has gotten mixed reviews from her peers and potential employers.

“I don’t really get why she’s rubbing her issues in our face,” stated Olivia Brown. “Why would an employer want someone who consciously tries to better herself and shows demonstrated commitment to becoming a more effective, kind person? You can’t say that to employers! They’ll know you’re crazy!”

However, society has been changing: many companies have proudly been tweeting and posting about how much mental health matters. This means they definitely mean it, and it is not a trend.

“We’re not like a normal company, we’re a cool company,” says TechBruh founder and president, Alex Holt. “We are totally okay with our employees doing their own thing and shrugging off stigma!” Holt’s startup does not provide health insurance, so McCormick could never afford to be an employee there. But Holt’s attitude is awesome, and if his company survives past a year then he might change the game about mental health stigma!

Amazon recruiter James Zhou differs in his perspective: “I guess everybody is a person with their own challenges and struggles who will feel down at some point in their life, and I can understand that,” he states. “But I also have to stand by the reality that Amazon doesn’t see their employees as people, so anything that humanizes applicants is a deterrent from hiring them. Sorry about that!” Zhou shrugged.

Well, who knows if our inherent humanity is going to ruin our careers or not! But McCormick is certainly very brave for choosing to be herself over being a cog in the capitalist machine! We may not understand her preferences, but we will retweet hotlines for the mentally ill instead of changing the system! #mentalhealthmatters!

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