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Weed Maps: The 10 Best Places to Smoke Weed on the UC Berkeley Campus


 Happy holiblaze everybody!!! The beautiful thing about Berkeley is that there is simply no reason to resort to your previously typical “behind a Burger King” post-up given the beautiful scenery, weather and nugs this campus has to offer. But it’s easy to get caught up in the routine of school and smoke on either select balconies in the units or in some homie’s bathroom. Since Wednesday is a holy day, here are 10 much more extraordinary spots to get toasty – on campus:



(Eyes too chiefed to see this? Click here or on the image above for a larger version.) 


Ring of Benches Between LeConte and Birge:

UCB weed 10


Here’s your typical secluded hideaway amidst the concrete jungle of a Physics building and a Chemistry building. Tucked away in a corner only accessible by off-the-beaten-pathways, these four benches allow for a lovely place to sit (lay down even) and pack yourself a bowl. They used to have grills there, though… damn…


Bench Between Wheeler and Creek:


UCB weed 9


So you like to flirt with danger, huh? The risk of knowing you can toke on this bench and at any moment an enormous class in Wheeler 150 could very well empty right behind you can be exhilarating to the right thrill-seeker. Rife with cigarette smokers, the smoking culture is enshrined in this hideaway. Crossed fingers that Reich has a tough lecture and needs to relax…


Memorial Glade:


UCB weed 8


The lush, green landscape of Berkeley’s excuse for a quad should get you in the mood for a J. This is sort of the exhibitionist’s option, given the steady supply of people on sunny days (especially on one day in particular…), but if you’re with at least one friend, no one is gonna give you shit.


4.0 Hill:


UCB weed 7


Oh, the irony is thick on this one, seeing as you’re gonna be blazing it so far here that you’ll forget what rhetoric even is. Not only is the scenery beautiful and the crowd smaller, but you’re right next to the Music Building – you think they’re gonna care? Also, the big tree atop the hill is awesome for stashing kush in case you’re thinking long-term.


Eucalyptus Grove Creek Spot:


UCB weed 6


Flashback to poppin into the forest to get a quick fade on during breaks in high school. Despite being just east of the hustle and bustle of Center St. (AKA Starbucksville), this recluse will make you feel like you stumbled across a lovely little brook mid-hike. This spot is for the naturalists, y’all with an iPod full of Sigur Ros and a bundle of sage to burn alongside your cheeb.


Grove of Trees by Campanile:


UCB weed 5


This locale’s specs don’t seem conducive to being a dank spot to blaze that UC Berkeley weed – middle of campus, by a recognizable landmark, all out in the open, this space seems more fit for a campus wedding (god, how sad would that be…) Yet, the ambiance, the sense of connection to your school, the excellent trees… onlookers can only appreciate your willingness to be aware of all this while concurrently lighting up.


Parking Lot by Haas:


UCB weed 4


Now THIS: this alcove HAD to have been designed for the 4/20-friendly. Somehow amidst Haas, a fat parking lot and a physics building, this half-plaza is barely visible until you’re right up on it. It is directly behind one of the University Eye Center buildings, maybe in order to inhibit glaucoma? Regardless, this corner of campus is bereft of chill spots, so hit these benches up and watch the chaos around you undetected.


Log by VLSB:


UCB weed 3


This old dude knows what’s up – he probably Paxed before he took that phone call. This log is just one in the general vicinity that are great as shade-providers as well as post-up spots. VLSB is undeniably dope in its grandeur, prompting many stoned thoughts like “do you think they built the columns while constructing the building OR were they pre-built?”


The Terrace:


UCB weed 2


There’s something so gratifying about smoking next to a non-smoking sign, and The Terrace has a plethora, albeit for cigarettes. It’s almost as if they know this place is chill as fuck. Plus, if you have meal points for some reason, the neighboring Terrace Café has a million types of gum, soda, chips and candy for you to get that munch on while overlooking the majority of campus.


Unit 4 Overlook:


 UCB weed 1


Don’t overlook this overlook (ha!!!!! get it?????). Also known as Cheapskate Hill whenever the Greek is having a concert, this perch gives you the Campanile and the rest of the Bay in one head-on view – breathtaking. One can either camp out on a tree stump (pictured above) or chill on the wooden stairs adjacent to the oft-empty Foothill Parking Lot. And obviously, the higher elevated you are, the higher you’ll get – that’s just science – so the overlook has your back there.


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