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The Seven Unwritten Rules of Halloween at Cal

As we all prepare for the night of our lives (or at least one of them), The Black Sheep has compiled a list of the unwritten rules of Halloween at Cal, taking into consideration past Halloween’s and recent events that will frame this year’s night of debauchery.  


7.) Start a riot on Piedmont Circle:

Last year, many costumed Cal students had their intense night of partying upstaged by a stampede of people down into Piedmont Circle, from which a group of males broke away and mounted a parked car. They proceeded to jump up and down on it, exhibiting their sexual attraction to a group of females standing nearby who were dressed as, not sexy cats, dear reader, but rather sexy dogs. Needless to say, their seduction was successful.


6.) Make sure your costume is culturally appropriative:

People love it when you recklessly use their culture to make yourself look cute and sexy on Halloween. Need ideas? The Black Sheep has an article for that ! 


5.) Pull frats’ fire alarms:

This is a sure fire way to heat things up… Is the party getting a little soft? Have they played Closer three times already? Sounds like all you need is a shrill alarm to get the people going.


4.) Get transported:

It’s super fun! They put you on a table that rolls!!


3.) Dress up as a clown:

What with the recent hype surrounding clowns, what better way to join in on the fun?


2.)  Wear a sexy costume:

From a sexy Chancellor Dirks to a Sexy Victim of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911, sexy costumes are the way to go!


1.) Make sure to trick or treat at the frats:

Don’t forget to go knocking door to door on frat row this year asking for candy. Hit up Sigma Chi and KA first to get those king-sized candy bars. Before they run out!!


And remember, have fun out there and Go Bears!

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