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Cal Student Who Got Into Cal Still Rejected From Every Club

In 2018 alone, the University of California Berkeley received approximately 85,000 applications from overly qualified students and the occasional idealistic loser who probably ended up at WSU. Despite unique backgrounds and passions, these new students share many commonalities, the most relevant being the shocking ability to get rejected from every UC Berkeley club.

“I am highly qualified, I had a 4.86 GPA in high school, was president of Mock Trial, Model UN, NHS, and played 3 varsity sports,” freshman Brian Wong. “My resume is longer than the Count of Monte Cristo by Victor Hugo, and I am a triple legacy of Berkeley Consulting, but I didn’t even get a second interview. I even submitted a cover letter in three languages!”

Mr. Wong is not the only student with these sentiments. Hannah Jones, a sophomore looking to branch out, also described her experience with the exclusivity of campus organizations. “I have three years of working experience, six references, one of which is Barack Obama, and my uncle sits on the Board of the Regents of the University of California. And guess what— I can’t even get hired at Cal Dining.”

In an attempt to investigate the exclusivity of Cal’s clubs, reportes acted as a freshman, and applied for Berkeley’s premier pre-law fraternity— Kappa Alpha Pi. The application itself consisted of 8 questions, each with 7 subsections, and with much surprise, our pseudo-self made it to the first round of interviews.

During the interview we were asked simple questions like: “What’s your name?” “Can you list every amendment of the U.S. Constitution and describe its ethical implications?” “Can you say the Greek alphabet backwards?” “What did you score on the bar exam?” “How would you of argued the OJ Simpson case?”

The aforementioned examples shine only a dim light on the full picture of UC Berkeley’s flawed campus organization system. The university is nearly impossible to get into in the first place, and then people such as Lin-Manuel Miranda himself cannot even get an understudy part in Bear Stage.

If you’re still looking to be accepted to a club, you’ll have to settle for The Daily Cal— they accept everyone.

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