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“Diplomas From Berkeley Are Worthless,” Says Facebook Commenter With Pick-Up Truck in Profile Pic

Students at the University of California, Berkeley were granted a tremendous privilege on Sunday night when Ray Johnson, 56, of Costa Mesa, California, graciously offered his thoughts in the comments of a post by the official UC Berkeley Facebook page. Baring his mind on the content of the article, which detailed something about free speech probably, Mr. Johnson declared that “the value of a Berkley diploma will soon be WORTHLESS.”

“These FUCKING snowflakes are gonna get a RUDE awakening once they get to the REAL WORLD where their [sic] are no SAFE SPACES for TRIGGERED minorities,” predicted Mr. Johnson, whose profile picture depicts him crouching next to his “sick-ass red 2013 GMC Sierra 1500.”

Johnson, whose degree in physical education from Everglades University in Boca Raton, Florida has readily prepared him to judge the post-graduate career trajectories of students at Cal, roasted the motherfucking shit out of every single libtard on the political left when he remarked, “LIBERAL ARTS DEGREES.. COMPLETE BRAINWASHING… $100,000 DEBT…. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE POOR.”

A father of four whose only social media photos consist of the Coors Light logo and a digital cartoon of the Peeing Calvin pissing on a block of text that just says “liberals,” Johnson figuratively whipped his dick across the face of political leftism, denouncing Berkeley’s culture of political correctness with the veracity he usually reserves for projecting his sexual frustrations onto the waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“President Trump should pull federal funding from these ISIS-loving sons of bitches! MAGA!!!” he proclaimed, probably raising his arm in a patriotic salute and heroically securing the existence of his people and a future for white children.

“Cant WAIT until these BRAINDEAD millenials enter the workforce with their English degrees and find out the University of Communist Berkely doesnt teach skills for the real world!” said Johnson, single-handedly dismantling democratic socialism in the United States of America.

His comment, which accompanied a subsequent photo of a Minion from the popular Despicable Me films wearing a cowboy hat standing in front of the Confederate flag, is currently undergoing analysis by Politico staffers.

After reading Johnson’s comment, Chancellor Carol T. Christ announced her resignation from the university. “I see now that the University of California, Berkeley is a piece of shit institution designed to pump liberal elitists full of Democratic propaganda,” Christ told The Black Sheep. “Frankly, I’m ashamed that I let myself get cucked this hard.”

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