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In Diversity Win, This Cal Sorority is Accepting Higher Numbers of Underrepresented ‘Britney’ Name Spellings

Sororities have long been under fire for their hegemonic social makeup. The stereotype of rich white blondes comes from a place of truth: the average annual membership fee for a Cal sorority hovers at $1,653, a figure last reported in 2014. That’s no small investment in a system that basically exists to give you access to drinking wine out of bags with Brad at Phi Psi.

Notoriously lacking in diversity, even greek life at the oh-so progressive campus of UC Berkeley is commonly known for being majority white. While no official headcount was taken, observers recount that there sure were a lot of blondes dancing on the tables at Phi Tau the other night.

But one sorority is bravely on the cutting edge of a transformation of Greek Life. One sorority envisions an inclusive Greek community that parallels the diversity of the university as a whole. One sorority is making leaps and bounds to create a greek community with people of color, people with low income backgrounds, queer identified folks, trans identified folks, and even brunettes.

And what’s the method this brave sorority has taken for total Greek metamorphosis? Having both a Brittany J. and a Britney L. Not only do their last names differ to create those monikers with adorable initials attached, but look! They even spell their name slightly differently! Can you believe a Cal sorority could be so earth shatteringly diverse?

Brittany J. is a junior from Orange County, California, and Britney L. is a freshman from Calabasas, California. Whoa! The sorority now has people from hometowns that are like, a little over an hour apart from each other. That means Brittany and Britney didn’t even go to high school together! They just met at horse riding camp, but that doesn’t even count because they didn’t even realize it during rush, so Britney was actually accepted without any connections within the house.


“It’s true! None of us actually knew Britney L. when she rushed. All she had was her intense interest in Greek Life, bubbly personality, legacy from her mother Jennifer, salon coiffed hair, $100 nails, intention of majoring in Media Studies, and cocai—sorry, crochet hobby. We really broadened our acceptance parameters by letting her in here,” reported one member Amber Anderson.

“I felt like Britney L. was worth a shot because when my entire house lurked her instagram to judge her, we saw that she went to Coachella three years in a row,” said Heather Jones, “but it was a little nerve-wracking letting in someone who’s… different than us.”

We pressed Jones on this statement, asking what made taking Britney L. on a risk. “Well, have you ever seen that particular spelling of ‘Britney’ before?” Jones said in hushed tones. “Plus the L. stands for Lyme, and I don’t wanna be mean but I’ve only heard of that as the disease Avril Lavigne had, so it was kind of a bad image for us to take on, you know?”

But the sisters feel it was worth it: 84% percent of them openly claim to “LOVE Britney L.” while the remaining 16% “love that girl!” And only 68% percent of them talk shit behind Britney L.’s back!

“Another Brittany would have taken the spotlight away from me,” said Brittany J., “but a Britney L. really shakes things up and I’m proud that we did that without also diverting attention from me!”

Ugh, amazing! Someone find that “as a member of the Greek Community” girl and tell her she was right all along!

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