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Heartwarming! Cal Sorority Girl Launches Fundraiser for Coachella Outfits

Every year, hundreds of Berkeley students flee campus to attend the annual Coachella music festival. For Cal students, this may be the one time of year that their brains are flooded with a normal amount of serotonin, for totally legitimate, not at all drug related reasons. Unfortunately, between the $450-$700 price tag for the wristband itself, the $20 taco they provide for sustenance, the $30 beer they also provide for sustenance, the housing for the weekend, and the whatever brain-altering substances one may be choosing to use, the cost of attending is well above what many can pay for.

However, one heroic sorority girl is working to change this.

“I got the idea when I was sitting at dinner talking with my sisters about all the outfits I bought for Chella,” said Pi Phi junior Stacey Daniels. “Like, every year I buy at LEAST six outfits, but like, I only use three! That just seemed like a lot of waste to me. You see, we’ve been talking a lot about sustainability in the house recently, like how we should try to only use one red Solo cup at parties and not put plastic in the compost, and I was like, wait—we could be sustainable with clothes!!”

That’s right, Daniels has started the first ever “Clothes for Coachella for a Cure” campaign.

“Tri C was founded to bring an end to discrimination at the Coachella music festival,” explained Daniels. “Your socioeconomic status shouldn’t be a determinant about how hot you look or on how many likes your Coachella pic gets on Insta. We’re really working to bridge the gap and bring people together. I really feel like that’s what music festivals are all about.

“Besides,” Daniels continued, “TBH I’ve never really been to a post office. Plus I really couldn’t be bothered to figure it out just to send back the outfits that didn’t quite fit me right… That just seems like a lot of effort, you know?”

When asked about the program, several housing-insecure students seemed just as excited about the program.

“Yeah… I’m not going to Coachella. I need like… food? I’m not really too concerned about music festivals right now” said sophomore Brooke Mullen.

Daniels is now accepting donations from across Greek Life and beyond. Be sure to drop your unused Chella outfits off next time you’re going down Piedmont!

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