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“The Irish Were Oppressed Too!” Says Cal Frat Boy

St. Patrick’s Day is here, and with it, Cal students wearing green and donning stereotypical Irish Clothes. This has not gone over well this everyone, including ATO junior and 36% Irishman Chad Field stating, “This is appropriation! The Irish were oppressed too!”


“I just don’t understand? So I’m not allowed to dress up in a poncho and a mustache, but people are allowed to wear shirts that say “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” That’s literally so racist! And I know that because I’m not racist!” Chad adamantly explained even though his fraternity had only let one person of color in during rush.


“I’m 36% Irish, so yeah, this is my culture! And you know what… my culture is NOT a costume!” Field continued. “Yeah, ever heard of something called the Irish Potato Famine. It was real. It affected ME.”



Others were more confused by Fields comments, saying they didn’t know Chad had any real connections to Ireland. “I don’t understand why Chad is so mad? He’s only 36% Irish, has he ever even been to Ireland?” Chad’s frat brother Jack stated.


Others had the same sentiments, “His frat had a party called ‘EDM Daughters and Disappointed Fathers’ and Chad was okay with that… but someone wearing Green today is appropriative? I don’t get it?”


Despite those who disagreed with Chad, he continued his “Irish Lives Matter” protests. Getting rid of all the lucky charms in the frat stating they were “appropriative.”


“We have so much diversity in our house you think people would be more sensitive to this type of appropriation.” Chad said. “We have a ginger kid, a guy whose great grandma was half-Asian, and we have a guy who’s not from SoCal! We respect their cultures, why won’t they respect mine?!”


In the end Chad celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by getting hammered in the name of his country, because nothing says Irish Pride like drinking a beer while wearing green.


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