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Moffitt’s New Glass Walls vs. Bathroom Stalls: Is There a Difference?

You know what they say: the writing’s on the wall. Well, we’re here to prove it by showing you the differences between the scribblings you’ll find on Moffitt walls. Specifically, we’re talking the differences between the new glass walls and the bathroom stalls.


Blueprints for Torture Contraption:


Here we see the remnants of an elaborate torture machine designed by exasperated UC Berkeley students to exact revenge on soulless professors.


Strongly Worded Defense of Musical Taste:


While this remains true despite the objectively false additional comments, what the sharpie user meant to write is KANYE IS REALLY FUCKING GOD, which we all already knew, so hey, maybe leave the bathroom walls for real issues to be debated? Like why doesn’t anyone talk about veganism?


Newest Language to Be Created After Klingon:


Here students were so determined to procrastinate that they developed their own language. Crack the code and you may find the answer to the meaning of life. They later used this code to cheat on the very test they were procrastinating studying for.


Animal Facts:


This is indeed a scientifically proven fact: if you give a horse a cookie, it will suck it.


Post-Modern Expressions of Conformity:


This is an example of the extremely subtle, discerning abilities Cal students refine. If you think that those are just two rectangles, well you should go ahead and transfer to the not #1 public university.


Diagrams of Games that Are Fun for the Whole Family!:


Here students drew a diagram explaining the complex dynamics of the game Leapfrog.


Rick Is Always Relevant:


Here students called upon renowned scientist, Rick, for mentorship, but as per his fictional character, he was an asshole, and refused.


Words of Unwanted Inspiration:


Shut up.


School Spirit in Its Purest Expression:


And last but not least, someone decided to write our school mantra!

Something so bad, 12 beers later, is so, so good.



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