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New Emily Dickinson Poetry Craze Hits UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens

UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens has long been a venue for posting self-deprecating and provocative memes, living up to its self-proclaimed target audience “edgy teens.” But recently, a new poetry craze has swept the page, replacing sardonic low brow humor with a genuine appreciation of poetry. The group changed its name to “UC Berkeley Memes for Highly Literate Teens” to coincide with the shift in content.

“We used to make plebeian jokes about EECS, Dirks, and sorority girls, but now we have art on the meme page,” said junior English major Maria Santori.

The trend started with an outpouring of Rupi Kaur memes. In suit, students coopted dozens of other poets’ form as a template for their UC Berkeley related memes. For example, Emily Dickinson memes have become quite popular. “I taste a liquor keystone lite,” and “‘Hope’ is the thing at the end of the semester,” are two riffs on the poet’s work.

“Other schools find humor in their dining hall food or football teams. We have the superior meme page. We’ve evolved from them. Here at UC Berkeley, we appreciate the finer things in life,” said sophomore comparative literature major Leah Abrams.

Abrams once posted a popular meme in the page parodying Robert Frost called “The Bike Path Not Taken” beginning with line “Two roads diverged at Sather Gate.”

“This just goes to show how pretentious Berkeley is,” UCLA junior history major Ryan Wong said in response. “Only they would take some dank memes and replace them with a poetry session. Maybe they’re trying to compensate for the fact that they’re no longer the number one public school in the country.”

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