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8 Awesome Classes in UC Berkeley’s Course Catalog You Won’t Be Able To Take Next Semester

UC Berkeley’s Spring 2018 course catalog was just released! That means students of all majors are coming together to peruse Berkeleytime and gawk at all the cool classes they want to, but won’t be able to take. Too bad, so sad. Here are some of the coolest classes available next semester that will fill up before your phase I, loser:

8.) Public Policy C103: Wealth and Poverty:
Taught by former US Secretary of Treasury and all-around superstar Robert Reich, this public policy class is arguably the most desired course at Berkeley. Pretty much the only way you’ll be able to get in is if you’re a senior, public policy major with priority enrollment. 

7.) Computer Science 10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing:
Come one, come all to this fantastic and digestible intro to computer science course! Never done CS before but want to try it? Have done CS but failed miserably? This is your class! It’s a shame that you’ll end up on the waitlist.

6.) Any interesting R1B:
Do you like film? Shakespeare? Not wanting to hit your head against a wall? Sucks for you. Since an R1B is a requirement, the demand is out of control, so you’ll probably end up in the most obscure, least interesting class you’ve ever taken!

5.) Greek 154A: Life:
Life is mysterious, beautiful, and exciting. Greece has great food, interesting history and culture, and one hell of a system at UC Berkeley! In this extremely popular, upper-division course in Cal’s Greek department, you’ll learn all about Greek Life at Berkeley and how to defend it from satirical criticism.

4.) Witchcraft 167C: Ritualistic Sacrifice:
The reason this class is so popular is because the curriculum includes slaughtering a goat to ensure a GPA above 3.5. It also requires an… audition. Good luck getting into this one!

3.) UGBA 132S: Snake Charming:
This class is about networking. Really not much more to say here.

2.) UCPD 20: Sit around and do nothing:
In this training course, students prepare for a job in the UC Police Department by learning how to be extremely ineffective. Unfortunately, space is limited and it costs the school $800,000 dollars to teach. Sorry!

1.) Whichever class you need most:
Oski’s law states that the more necessary a class is for you to graduate, the less likely you are to get it. That’s just how it works at UC Berkeley!

You’ll be disappointed with your schedule, but Cal is a huge school, so what can you do? Better luck next semester!

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