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UC Berkeley

UC Starter Packs, For All Nine UC Schools!

Throughout the history of California the UC system has been academically revered for providing  high caliber learning experiences for students of different backgrounds. Each of the nine universities have formed their own unique campus communities and reputations. Here at The Black Sheep, we’ve prepared a starter pack to help people get to know each of the UCs a little better!


9.) UC Santa Cruz:

Everyone there is high. Like everyone, all the time.

8.) UC Santa Barbara:

Remember when Rebecca Black said “party and party and yeah”? Well, she was referring to UCSB.

7.) UC Riverside:

Don’t be fooled, there’s no river. It’s not called UC Ratchetside and UC Raverside for no reason.


6.) UCLA:

If you didn’t drive your BMW X3 to get acai this weekend, then you definitely don’t go to UCLA.


5.) UC San Diego:

It’s in the most beautiful area of California. But don’t worry, that doesn’t distract anyone there from their studies. Don’t want a social life? Try UCSD!


4.) UC Merced:

We promise it’s a school!! No, seriously, it really is a UC!


3.) UC Davis:

More like U C a bunch of cows and farmland all the time.


2.) UC Irvine: 



KPOP and boba. That’s literally it.


1.) UC Berkeley:

UC Berkeley is not only the top UC but also a great place for protests and communism. You can Marx our word on that.


Each university sure has a different feel. We don’t know about you, but we’re going to go check out the CSU’s.

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