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The 11 Weirdest And Probably Haunted Things We Found at the SPCA Thrift Store

Thrift stores are magical and beautiful. They’re always there for us when we need something on a budget—clothes, dishware, decorations, anything you could ever want—but they can have some really weird stuff too.

We visited the SPCA Thrift Store and came across some interesting finds:

11.) This Disembodied Head:

We think this is an angel or a cherub head, but we’re not 100% sure. What we are is 100% confused. What is this for? Do you hang it on the wall? Is it a paper weight? Why is it just the head? Where is its body?

10.) Disembodied Dress:


The plot thickens. We would venture to guess this is that angel head’s body, but this dress doesn’t have a body either. It’s just a dress, but it’s also a vase. So the head is supposed to be flowers? Hmmm.

9.) This Lady:

She looks sad and a bit cross-eyed. Probably because the pots she’s carrying are bigger than her head and that string is choking her. We promise we did not do that to her, and we moved the string after taking this picture, because we didn’t want whatever cursed souls she has in that pot to follow us home. 

8.) This Dude:

Pretty sure this is Joseph from a nativity scene? He’s supposed to be looking up at God or something, but he just looks like he’s rolling his eyes. Same. ?

7.) Judgmental Girl Figurine:

She looks like she’s judging us. Her expression is a cross between ?and ?, probs because someone deemed she was only worth a measly 50 cents. We love her.

6.) Bad News Bear:

Tell us if you’ve heard this scary story: A family goes to a carnival and buys a clown figurine. They display it somewhere in their house and go about their business. Soon after, the clown starts showing up at other places in the house. They see it in the kitchen, in the dining room, on the porch, etc. Every time it’s a little bit closer. And every time it’s staring at them. No matter how many times they put it back or try to get rid of it, it always comes back. Always a little bit closer and always staring. One day, they turn around and the clown is closer than it’s ever been. The family is found dead the next morning, and the clown is right next to their bodies. Still staring. This bear is that clown. Bad vibes.

5.) More Bad Vibes:

These are bear’s accomplices. When you throw the bear in the fire in an attempt to vanquish his evil spirit, these two will come to life and attack. 

4.) This Framed Puzzle:


We love everything about this. First off, the birds are obviously stunning. Secondly, it made us remember all those times we’ve been so proud of finishing a puzzle that we left it on the table for days before cleaning it up. Whoever did this was so proud of finishing this puzzle that they legit had it framed. And why not? This is a solid 1,000 pieces. We’re proud of them too! Then again, why did they gave it away… it’s haunted.

3.) “Check your rack. It may save your life.”:


This breast cancer awareness bicycle joke is just funny.

2.) The Porch, in General:

That’s a lot of rainbow tutus for one consignment shop. That’s all we’re saying.

1.) This Goose Chef from All Things Right & Relevant:

So, we actually bought this beautiful watercolor painting, and it’s hanging on our wall right now. Don’t judge us. It’s art, okay. Maybe we’re not deep enough to understand the artistry of all the other things, but this one speaks to us.

If you’re in the mood to buy some weird and cheap things to spice up your apartment, skip dumb Target or dumb Walmart and head to the SPCA Thrift Store, they’ve got loads more stuff than just these 11 things that definitely aren’t tainted by evil spirits. 

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