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The 5 Worst Things About Riding a Bike at Davis

It’s been a long year of studying, biking, drinking, and biking again. If you go to Davis, you’ve spent the last year biking all around the city on a daily basis. And of course, you love your bike. But that doesn’t mean the two of you always get along. Here are some of the worst conflicts that make us all glad to be leaving such a bike-centric town for the summer:

5.) When Your Bike Makes You Look Like You Wet Yourself:
When the rains stopped, we all sent our praises to Gunrock for their end meant the end to the wet bicycle seat struggle. But of course it rained again on Sunday—in the middle of June!—so we have to keep dealing with this shit. Sure, you can wrap it up in an old plastic bag from Rite Aid. That helps, but it rarely offers full protection and we always forget to do that anyway. And then you’ve got to bike around on a wet seat that gets your pants wet, and you’ve got to walk around looking like you peed your pants. This is an almost-acceptable look for a child, but not so much someone in college. 

4.) The Bike Path on Russell Street:
We appreciate the bike paths for keeping us safe from all of Davis’s bad drivers, but the fact that they completely replace the sidewalk on one side of the street makes pedestrian-cyclist collisions all the more likely. Swerving to avoid pedestrians on our way to Trader Joe’s is very stressful. And the olive trees along the path are always dropping rotten olives everywhere, which is just kinda gross.

3.) Navigating Traffic Around the Bike Circle at the Silo:
Whether you’re on wheels or your own two feet, navigating the everyday traffic on campus can be stressful. And the bike circle at the Silo is the absolute worst. Crossing the street from South CoHo to Haring Hall is a nightmare as a never ending stream of bicycles goes by. Being one of those bicyclist going around the circle isn’t much easier. Sometimes we feel like biking straight across the circle over Gunrock’s face. The fact that 0% of bicyclists on campus stop at stop signs or use signals doesn’t make it any easier.

2.) UC Davis TAPS (UC Davis THIEVES and Parking Services)
TAPS is out there stealing bicycles, and it could be your bicycle next. Every once in a while, they’ll go out and collect bikes that have been declared “abandoned” and sell them at public auction. Why are we not allowed to leave our bicycles on campus for weeks at a time? TAPS is one of the reasons we have issues with authority, to be honest.

Okay, so maybe TAPS steals your bike to free up parking spaces for other people. Whatever. We’re still bitter.

1.) Finding Parking in Front of Your Own Dorm
Literally everyone in Davis rides a bike, so why are there only a few hundred bicycle racks on campus? Biking back from a long day of work and studying and being unable to find a place to park is the worst. Trying to fit your bicycle into your glorified closet of a dorm room in Segundo along with your two other roommates is not a good time. You may have better luck in the spacious suites of Quarto, but the long ride it takes to get there makes it almost as bad.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and your relationship with your bike is no exception. But at the end of the day, your bike will always be there for you to peddle home. Unless it gets stolen by TAPS.

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