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5 Things You’re Trying (And Failing) to Endure before UCD Winter Break

In the last few weeks of fall quarter, everyone at UCD tends to feel a little on edge. And by on edge, we mean on the edge of a cliff ready to jump at the slightest mention of finals week. But what is it really about the end of the fall quarter that makes it a million times more difficult to survive than any other time of the year? If you’ve ever wondered why the end of fall makes students want to bite each others’ arms off, maybe this list of the 5 worst things to endure before UCD winter break can help clear it up.

5.) Massive stress:
Everything is happening so fast while also not happening fast enough. We all seem to be in this weird limbo where break is so close we can almost taste it, but too far to actually provide us with any relief. How can ten days seem longer than the entirety of the rest of the quarter? We can’t decide if we want the end to come already or if we want to stretch out these last few weeks as long as possible so we can all try to cram an entire quarter’s worth of knowledge into our thick skulls. All we do know is that the stress is enough to crush 50 bicycles, and you’ll need more than a frappuccino and a life-saving curve to get through the end of the year. 

4.) Finals:
They suck. Plain and simple. They are the bane of every college student’s existence. Not to mention the quarter system just makes it all so much worse. Ten weeks to learn a semesters worth of OChem? It’s like they think we have the mental stability to manage something so impossible. It’s around this time every quarter where most begin to wonder what God awful reason made us think an extra round of finals was an acceptable idea. Just keep calm and pray for your sanity. 

3.) Sleep deprivation:
It’s okay, nobody just saw you hit your head on the desk as you struggle to stay awake through another rough 8 a.m. Just kidding, it’s on everyone’s Snapchat. As the quarter comes to a close, the amount of all-nighters we pull tends to greatly increase. The many hours spent in the 24-hour room at Shields really bonds the Davis student body in an unspoken tradition, leaving most of us chugging as much coffee, Redbull or really anything short of an IV filled with caffeine in order to keep our eyes open for just one more hour. 

2.) Familial expectations:
We all just got back from Thanksgiving break where most of us had to fake mental stability and academic success in order to trick our families into thinking that we aren’t wasting away at college. Ha, isn’t that a joke. With questions from our extended family about how great we are doing and constantly hearing that these are our formative years and we need to be focusing on our futures, but all you can focus on is how your vodka-drunk aunt thinks you could lose the freshman 15 as a third year. All of those expectations that our families have formed for us have left most of UCD trying to pretend like we didn’t spend the majority of the quarter binge watching Netflix.

1.) Grade uncertainty:
On top of all of this bullshit, most of us have NO FUCKING CLUE where we stand in most of our classes. Like, absolutely no clue because for some reason professors think its okay to hide scores while grading. We can all agree that Canvas is just confusing as shit. Why are teachers allowed to mute grades? How do curves work? Why can I see all my assignments but no overall grade? Why does my GPA calculator almost never predict my real grade outcome? These are all wonderful questions, and sadly they will probably never be answered. 

We at The Black Sheep hope that our insight can help even a few students diagnose why they might be freaking the fuck out right now.


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