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6 Coolest Looks You’ll See Around UC Davis This Winter

At UC Davis we have the coolest winter looks you’ll ever see. We can all agree we can’t wait to see and wear these styles this winter quarter. Here are the top 6 coolest looks to strive for:

6.) Socks and sandals:This is one look that we can all agree is only acceptable for college students. As soon as you see somebody rocking socks with their sandals, you know that their life is a full-blown mess. In itself the look is a giant contradiction. But do we care? No! We at UCD embrace the faux pas and have even turned it into a generational norm. So, the sixth “coolest” look to keep your eye out for has to be socks and sandals.

5.) Pajamas:

Now, this is the ultimate “I have given up” look. It’s the look that everyone sees and internally sighs and says, “me too.” We all have those days where we wake up and cannot even conceive putting new clothes onto our body. And as winter quarter progresses, these thoughts seem to happen more and more often. Soon enough every student might be showing up to classes in cozy onesies and plaid PJ pants, making this look the fifth “coolest” one you’ll see this quarter.

4.) Fuzzy socks:

We can all agree that fuzzy socks are God-sent right? The worst part of winter is frozen toesies so with this cute little addition, you have solved your biggest problem. This is one accessory that will never die out and its popularity will only grow stronger. So make sure you hop on this train and help to prove why this is the fourth “coolest” look.

3.) A million layers:

Okay, so at least this one makes sense, but it is so funny to look at. The colder it gets outside, the more layers tack on to students’ bodies. Everyone is wearing three shirts, a sweater, a jacket, some gloves, a hat, and anywhere from one to four pairs of pants. So, while everyone is warm, we’re also growing into giant circles of cloth and rain resistant fabrics. It’s for sure not always a cute look but it is for sure the third “coolest” one.

2.) Shorts in general:
We just want to know why they do it. I mean what compels these kids to go all day on campus in basketball shorts? While the rest of us are clinging to every last layer that we have on to protect from the harsh temperatures that Davis brings, some are just sitting comfy in gym clothes. If you ever ask any of them if they’re cold, you’ll get a response somewhere on lines of, “Nah bruh, I’m doin’ aight.” They really are mind-boggling creatures that have created the second “coolest” look this winter.

1.) No shoes?:

This one will never make sense at all. It’s POURING outside and some of y’all think it’s a good idea to just throw away the idea of protective footwear all together? This is just crazy talk. These students do exist though. They walk around campus, through all of the mud and gunk that has been collecting through the rainfall. Not to mention that it’s like 50 degrees outside everyday, it’s a miracle that they haven’t all developed frost bite by now. This has to be the top “coolest” look making its debut in winter quarter 2018.

We at The Black Sheep hope that our fashion tips can help you process what you see this quarter and maybe influence your own fashion decisions. But hopefully not.

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