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6 Reasons Whole Earth Festival Was (and Always Will Be) Better than Picnic Day

 The debate has been going on for years, dividing everyone at Davis between which is better: Picnic Day or Whole Earth Festival? Luckily, The Black Sheep is here to end it once and for all by providing our six most convincing reasons as to why Whole Earth Festival beats Picnic Day every year.

6.) The outfits:

Not to shit on Picnic Day or anything, but the outfits that people wear are NOTHING compared to Whole Earth. Yes, people dress like Picnic Day is a festival, but people dress like Whole Earth is a full-ass hippie extravaganza. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you normally are, as soon as you hear the worlds “whole earth” it’s like you start to physically crave tie-dye.

5.) The artisanal goods:

We have one question for you. Where can you buy dreamcatchers, skull candles, and leather sandals all in the same place? ‘Cuz it sure as hell ain’t Picnic Day.

4.) The old people:

Everybody can agree that the only thing that makes anything great is old people. Disney? Old people. Florida? Old people. Hospitals? Old people. So obviously Whole Earth has got to be the best because it always has at least 10x the old people as Picnic Day. You can’t argue with facts.

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3.) The dank kush:

So, like both events have the dankest of kush, but only at Whole Earth does everyone smoke it while giving zero fucks. You can walk around the Quad for .5 seconds and see at least seven joints in diverse hands. It’s truly beautiful.

2.) The entertainment:

Sure, Picnic Day has the Doxy Derby, music and cockroach races, but do they have three girls hula-hooping all at the same time? Damn right they don’t. That kind of thing can only really be found at a true festival like Whole Earth.

1.) The mood:

Not only is everyone at Whole Earth high out of their mind, but they’re also the most relaxed you will ever see them. Whole Earth has everything to chill you out from kava to massages. Who wouldn’t love that?

We hope these are convincing enough for you, and if not, then whatever man.

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