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6 Signs Another Davis Summer Has Officially Come and Gone

Davis summers are known for extreme air conditioner-melting heat, boring summer session classes that cost more than a normal quarter’s tuition and are five times as difficult, and an empty town with no entertainment. Yet somehow it’s still awesome. Once fall quarter rolls around, the drastic shift from hot Davis summers to freezing Davis winters begins, and here are 6 tell-tale signs that prove another Davis summer is finally at an end.

6.) Freshman have invaded:
A bunch of new, eager faces have magically appeared to come and make you have someone to feel superior to. If it seems like there are more freshmen than ever before, then you’re right. With 9.6% more freshmen accepted to UCD this year, the whole campus may seem new. Everywhere you turn, there they are; even in West Village, where they now reside apparently. If anything though, at least you can take solace in the fact that you’re not nearly as uncomfortable on campus as they are.   

5.) The whole campus is crowded:
Every passing period looks like a whole population is trying to cling to the campus for safety in the midst of an apocalypse. Every single person seems to be in a frenzy. Trying to get through bike circles is an absolute mess and do not think you will be able to find a parking spot close to class, because who are we kidding, there are way too many of us. It doesn’t help that on top of all the students on campus, it is now peak college touring season, so every perspective student on earth is hogging up the crosswalks at all the worst possible times.

4.) The stress is visible all over:
No one smiles anymore. Everyone has dead eyes. It’s almost as if the environment is matching our mood as Northern California seems to be spontaneously combusting and filling the air with smoke. As we all walk around, you can feel how the life has left the bodies of everybody in a five-mile radius. It seems that almost every student is already thinking about midterms, papers and creative ways to avoid them. Even though it’s only week three, everyone has turned into zombies!

3.) The nice weather is disappearing:
Shorts, skirts, and dresses are slowly starting to disappear on campus as the temperature begins to drop. New fall colors are appearing all over the place, in clothes, on trees, even in the hearts of these young adults. Plus, the excessive wind is making it impossible to bike anywhere. It’s like every time you get on your bike you have to counter the mighty wrath of the weather gods. No matter how hard we all try, the fastest anyone can seem to go is a mile an hour.

2.) The world seems to grow more and more bitter:
As the fall quarter begins, no one has time for themselves anymore. Everyone seems to be falling into the same types of routines: class, work, stress eating/starving, drink your sorrows away, and repeat. Almost no one is sleeping anymore, THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY. And even the squirrels seem more vicious, but maybe they are sleep deprived and stressed out just like us.

1.) Club propaganda is everywhere:
Not only do you have to avoid all the new traffic on campus but you now have to try to avoid everyone shoving their pamphlets in your face. Trying to walk by the MU without being stopped a million times is just a naive dream. You might as well just give in or play dead, that seems to be the only way to rid yourself of the aggressive club propaganda being shouted at you from all ends of the Earth.

If you’ve spotted these signs, brace yourselves, because winter is coming. 

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