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6 Things People Stuck in Davis for Memorial Weekend are Doing

Memorial Day Weekend is filled with great opportunities to get away and have fun, but not everyone is lucky enough to leave. Between Houseboats, Lightning in a Bottle, Bottle Rock in Napa, or going home and doing nothing on your parents’ couch all weekend, there’s a lot of good reasons to get the heck out of Davis. If you’re one of the sad souls that will be stuck in Cow Town, don’t worry, these are your six best options for how to spend your three-day weekend making the most of the holiday.

6.) Basking in the glory of an empty Shields:
Have you ever wished the library was quieter? Maybe you wished that you wouldn’t have to make uncomfortable eye contact with people when you inevitably accidentally zone out in their direction. Well, this is your weekend! Spend an exciting couple of days in a pretty freakin’ empty Shields, while all your peers are off “getting lit.” Know what’s really lit? Lit-erature!

5.) Watching Snapchat stories of Houseboats:
One of the most exciting things that UCD has to offer is the Houseboats that students rent over Memorial Day Weekend. But what’s even more exciting you ask? Well watching other people enjoy them! Duh! This weekend, get ready to strap in and watch some of the most riveting footage of drunk guys falling off boats that you’ve ever seen. 

4.) Refreshing the same three social media apps:
You have 72 hours to do pretty much whatever you want in an empty college town. So, what should you do? Possibly lay in bed in your favorite PJs and just alternate between your three favorite social media apps as they each run out of new posts. Just imagine the pure ecstasy!

3.) Watching grass grow:
Besides cows, the best thing about Davis is definitely the grass. What better way to spend your time than watching something grow as you lay in it? Nothing like intently watching mother nature at her finest.

2.) Sleeping for 72 hours straight:
Just take a little coma break before week nine hits. Keep hitting snooze!

1.) Marrying a cow:
Maybe this long holiday weekend will make you realize that you’re truly sick of being alone. Do you wish you had a loving partner that would never leave your side? This weekend you’re in luck, cause there is a way to fix it! The best way to spend Memorial Day Weekend in Davis is to show your true love for the city by pledging your eternal commitment to the city’s most prized possession, a cow! Simply locate one of the city’s fine homeless citizens that screams at tourists, and have him/her marry you and your favorite moomoo. Mazel Tov!

Now get out there and enjoy your weekend! But don’t have too much fun 😉


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