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6 of the Ugliest Buildings at UC Davis

Since it’s in the middle of nowhere in the Central Valley, Davis is not known for being picturesque. However, we have a beautiful college campus, filled with trees, more trees, and some godawful ugly buildings. You would think with all the construction going on, they’d be able to build something that wasn’t so terrible. Instead, we’re left with a plethora of architectural eyesores, and these six buildings that are hands down the ugliest on the UC Davis campus. 

6.) Haring Hall:

This building is so ugly. Even if it didn’t look like someone wanted a courthouse to look more like a DMV (what’s with all the exposed air conditioners?). This isn’t the back of the building or anything, this is the main entrance. This is the side they want you to see.

5.) Hickey Gym:

Hickey Gym looks like your high school. It looks like every high school actually. It actually has a trophy case, like they’re keeping your dad’s varsity football trophy to remind you that you’ll never live up to his legacy.

4.) Olsen Hall:

If you like the architectural style of Brutalism you’re going to love this next one. Unfortunately, if you like Brutalism you have bad taste, because Olsen is a heartless block of concrete. It’s hot in the summer, stuffy all year long, and ugly overall.

3.) Young Hall:

If you had to describe Young Hall in one word it would be “groaty.”

2.) West Village:

West Village isn’t traditionally ugly like some of these buildings, but it’s so off-putting. Who would you willingly live in this Stepford Wives-esque apartment complex? Seriously, it looks like a community in a dystopian future where sadness is outlawed.

1.) The Death Star:

You know this had to be number one. It’s not a cube of concrete like Olsen, but that’s because a cube would be too reasonable. M.C. Escher would think this building was inconvenient. The person who took this photo got lost trying to get out of the building, and they didn’t even go inside. There’s a door that says “this door must remain locked at all times.” That’s not a door, that’s just a terrible wall.

So next time you’re in Davis, take a moment and remember just how ugly some of it is.

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