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The 7 Most F***ed-Up Things To Ever Happen At UC Davis

Wild and crazy times don’t happen too frequently in Cow Town, but thanks to the awesome public institution known as UC Davis, there are some fucked-up events that go down in the Dirty D. Throwing over 30,000 college students into the farmland west of Sacramento is bound to bring about some wild stories, each fucked up in their own way. To explore some of the good, bad, and straight up weird things to happen here, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 most fucked-up things to happen at UC Davis. Grab some late night cookies, throw down your Chem2B reader (we know you weren’t studying anyways) and get ready for some fuckery.

7.) SOS Airport Parties:
The Ski or Snowboard Club, affectionately called SOS, is the largest club at UC Davis with an average of over 300 members shredding the gnar each year. Known as much for their skills on the slopes as they are for their wild parties, you can always count on SOS to throw down. SOS parties are notorious for providing plenty of kegs, shotskis, and a fucking good time. Yet back in the day, SOS parties were even crazier, and one of the most lit events in SOS history was their Airport Party. This rager was thrown in an airplane hangar at the university airport, and had to have people bussed in with chartered Unitrans busses to attend the event. The legendary night not only took place in the sickest location, but usually would have 32 kegs to keep the good times goin’. Send it SOS!

6.) The Ryerson 4 Ghost
Davis is not notorious for much paranormal activity. Yes the Arboretum gets pretty spooky at night, but aside from freshmen making out on the bridges and stoners tokin’ it in the bushes, there isn’t much to be scared of. The real spooks may be hanging around in much weirder places. Supposedly, there were reports during the ’05-’06 school year that a ghost was inhabiting the halls of Ryerson’s 4th students frequently heard a male voice saying “hello,” which wouldn’t be weird if Ryerson 4 wasn’t an all-girls floor, but it was. Some discredit the reports as just being from a male student living on the floor below yelling into the AC vents. Either way, we can all agree that Segundo dorms are ~sPoOky~.

5.) When a Monkey Escaped from the Primate Center:
If you didn’t know that UC Davis has a Primate Center, then take a moment to think about the fact that there are dozens of monkeys hanging out in a laboratory not too far from you. It’s a pretty awesome facility and researchers at the center conduct dozens of interesting experiments. Every research center, however, has its fucked-up accidents. In 2003, one monkey was able to escape from the Primate Center, and was sighted several times by locals throughout the Davis community, yet law officials were never able to capture the monkey. Some believe aliens abducted the runaway primate, but most likely he just ran away to join the circus.

4.) Picnic Day Death:
Picnic Day is the legendary event that students take pride in calling the craziest party of the year. For one day each year, UCD can join the ranks of crazy party schools like UCSB or U of A by drinking before 7 a.m., only to puke and rally for as long as physically possible in one day. However, with upwards of 100,000 people raging together on Picnic Day, there’s bound to be some fuckery going down. One of the most fucked-up years was Picnic Day 2010, where dozens of arrests and reports of assault, public drunkenness and drunk driving tainted the event’s already muddled reputation. During Picnic Day 2011, one student, a member of the UCD Baseball team, was killed after falling and hitting his head at a party. Since this incident, law officials and Davis residents have been adamant on promoting safe partying for Picnic Day, but nonetheless it will continue to be one of the most fucked-up traditions at UC Davis.

3.) The Pepper Spray Incident:
It’s hard to think of fucked-up moments in UC Davis history without immediately remembering the pepper spray incident. In the fall of 2011, an Occupy Movement student and faculty protest was staged on the UC Davis main quad. While the protesters remained respectful and peaceful, the UC Davis Police decided to intervene. Several students were arrested and a group of students sitting in the pathway of the quad were pepper sprayed at point-blank range by police officer John Pike. Cell phone videos of the incident shortly after began to flood the Internet, and the incident gained national attention. Students were outraged with the fucked misuse of police force, and began to demand that UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi resign. There’s no doubt that the pepper spray incident was one of the most fucked-up things to happen at UCD, and has since led to heavy criticism of UC Davis administrators.

2.) Katehi Covering Up the Pepper Spray Incident:
With the fucked-up pepper spray incident of 2011, things began to snowball out of control pretty quickly for UC Davis Administration. Students immediately demanded that UCD Chancellor Linda Katehi resign for the mishandling of the protest situation and also criticized the University President. However, shit really hit the fan when the Sacramento Bee reported in April 2016 that Katehi had paid at least $175,000 through the university to remove the “negative image” the pepper spray incident had caused, effectively trying to wipe its existence from the Internet. As you can guess, students weren’t too happy to hear about this shady shit Katehi was doing, and the reaction was monumental. Protests and petitions filled the UCD community and spread throughout the UC community, until finally Katehi was forced to resign from her position as Chancellor. Students rejoiced, the Internet was filled with dank Katehi memes, and the pepper spray incident finally got its justice.

1.) Milo Yiannopoulos protests/Donald Trump protests/Wow Davis loves to protest:
If you’ve ever experienced Whole Earth Day or the struggle of trying to figure out what goes in the compost trash cans versus the recycling trash cans, you know that UC Davis is more than a little bit Liberal. For fuck’s sake we managed to bring Bernie Sanders to our school, and it was one of the largest political gatherings Davis has seen.

The first fucked-up protest happened the night Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election. Hundreds of students flooded the street after hearing the shocking news of Clinton’s loss to Trump, and marched from Russell to E St. screaming “Fuck Donald Trump” more times than YG could ever say it.

Yet this protest, though large enough to force cops to close off streets downtown, is dwarfed in fucked-upness compared to the protests of Milo Yiannopoulos speaking at UCD. In January 2017, the Davis College Republicans invited radical Republican Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at the Mondavi Center. Liberal students were outraged that Yiannopoulos was invited to speak and protested by purchasing all of the tickets being sold for his event, in hopes that no one would be able to attend. On the night of the event, protestors gathered outside screaming, shoving, and even reportedly throwing flaming bags of shit. Police determined that the situation was too dangerous and the Davis College Republicans were forced to cancel the event. Students declared it a victory, but the interim chancellor condemned students for disrupting the event and disrespecting free speech. But hey, at least our protest wasn’t as fucked up as Berkeley’s.


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