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7 Mistakes You’ve Already Made After Just One Week Back at UCD

We did it Aggies, we made it through week one. We kicked off the quarter and now it’s time to remember we have to endure until the end of March for the sweet relief of Spring Break. Hopefully, you created a good start for yourself, but we’ve all most likely already made plenty of classic UCD mistakes in just our first week back from winter break. Take a gander at our handy-dandy list to judge just how well you survived week one.

7.) Grocery shopping on a Sunday:
Most of us got back Sunday, ready to embrace our last day of freedom. But when we sat down to put our feet up, we realized our refrigerators were sad, cold, and empty. But wait! Why not take advantage of your last bit of free time to go grocery shopping before your classes take up your entire life! Seems like a great idea until you get to Trader Joe’s and you have to elbow an elderly woman just to grab the last jug of your favorite cold brew coffee (which you know you’ll soon need). And then you got to sit and wait as the line you’re in wraps around every aisle of the store. Mistakes were made.

6.) Forgetting to do free laundry at home:
Most of us took serious advantage of the break and spent all our time relaxing or running around with friends. It most likely slipped your mind to do one last load of laundry before you packed so you wouldn’t be returning with dirty clothes. But no, you forgot and ended up having to pay too much money to put your clothes in a moldy washer and a dryer that always leaves your clothes a little damp. But of course, you put this off too and ended up wearing all the wrinkly clothes you had left, stuffed in the back of your closet. It okay, first impressions in week one don’t matter that much.

5.) Not wearing enough protective rain gear:
The worst mistake to have made last week was misjudging your ability to dodge the rain. The amount of freshman stripes on upper classmen was seriously sad. We’re better than this guys. Get some fenders, wear a raincoat, stuff your feet in some rain boots, and grab an umbrella. If you need one of those horrible, bright yellow plastic ponchos to keep your body from getting soaking wet, then so be it. Anything’s better than getting frostbite on your booty from biking in the rain.

4.) Procrastination:
It was week one. How are we all already behind? Why didn’t we stay on track with our readings? Did we all think we’d actually use this three day weekend to catch up? We were WRONG. Procrastination is a disease we’ll never avoid. We are all sick, and it will NEVER go away. Even during week one.

3.) Eating badly:
Eating badly during finals week is okay enough because you should be stressed and lack the proper amount of time to cook. But eating horribly week one has no excuse. Everyone should have plenty of free time because no papers or tests are due yet. And you should have been stacking up that holiday money to afford a nice, healthy meal. Get it together.

2.) Spacing out in lecture:
Wow, it’s basically just the lecture on the syllabus and most UCD students are already lost in a blank void, daydreaming about anything other than plagiarism policies. This probably leads to our fantastic ability to already be behind on work, since those of us who spaced out during the easiest lectures of the quarter have to actually read our textbooks to see what we’ve missed, or worse, try to make a friend to mooch off of notes.

1.) Drinking too much coffee:
For many of us, coffee is the sweet relief we give ourselves in the morning, and again a couple hours later, and again a couple more after that… It gives us the energy to keep going and trying to do whatever we can to keep up with our classes and not space out in lecture. But unfortunately, it’s lead to an unhealthy addiction most swore off after fall finals. But in your weak state, you probably started up again last week.

But even if every single thing on this list related a little too well to you, you’re doing fine. Give yourself a pat on the back for putting yourself in stressful conditions to get a good education and start a career path for yourself. Who cares if that means a coffee addiction, unhealthy levels of procrastination, and junk food. Week one’s down and we only have nine more!

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