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The 7 Weirdest Bathrooms at UC Davis

Amid the horrors of campus public restrooms you might find several unique bathroom gems. UC Davis homes some weird old buildings, and they usually come with strange bathrooms and entertaining graffiti. So next time you’re running around campus wondering which disgusting public bathroom you’ll have to subject yourself to, try for one of these to make the experience somewhat entertaining.

7.) Stupidity in Olsen:

This graffiti found in a women’s bathroom stall in Olsen reminds us all that it’s okay to feel a little dumb every now and then. It shows a glimpse of kindness when a fellow student reaches out to say “you’re not dumb, but quite capable.” Unfortunately, this friendly bathroom banter is followed by a sad “no, I’m rather dumb,” but hey this graffiti is still better than those usual Jesus arguments.

6.) Lockers in Haring:

Haring is one weird ass building. Although this isn’t the weirdest bathroom in the building, it still gained a spot on this list. For whatever reason, some tall old-school lockers have been shoved into the second floor women’s restroom. Maybe they’re so you can store all the ghostbusting equipment you’ve lugged with you into the building, because that place is definitely haunted.

5.) Religious Disputes in Rock Hall:

Just what every stressed out, tired, and frustrated college kid needs when they’re trying to take quick break during a lecture: some angry religious talk! Rock Hall’s stalls are outlined with tons of religious arguments that mostly end with people calling each other “fucking idiots.” The best part of this particular graffiti is that someone tried to replace “the Lord” with “breakfast” like some hobbit who needs their second breakfast to “renew their strength” on the way to Mordor.

4.) Olsen Poems:

Is it really a public bathroom if it doesn’t have some sort of politically motivated graffiti carved into its walls? This ode to feminism speaks for itself. Even if you’d prefer your bathrooms without mention of tits or dicks, you’ve to admit this “Untamable Shrews” plug is pretty funny.

3.) Friendly reminder in Storer:

Finally, a political graffiti message that we can all (hopefully) get behind. This simple note was written in the men’s bathroom in Storer, just reminding everyone that it’s more than okay to really hate Nazis, it’s encouraged.

2.) Bed in Haring:

Haring is such a creepy building that it’s earned two spots on this list. Immediately after opening the door to this women’s bathroom you find a room with an old abandoned bed frame. Maybe it’s for desperate naps between classes, but it’s hard not to assume there’s some vagrant living in the walls and sleeping in that bed after the students leave. 

1.) Steps in Veihmeyer:

If you need some privacy, this bathroom is THE best one on campus. Even though it’s a cozy bathroom tucked underneath a staircase, it’s way bigger than Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs. After leading you down some narrow steps, the bathroom opens up into a huge space equipped with a shower, a toilet, a urinal, a sink, and even some magazines! Head to Veihmeyer if you want to poop like campus royalty.

So next time you’re about to complain about our campus’s public restrooms, take some time to think about the entertainment their graffiti, creepy bed frames, and architecture bring you.

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