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The 7 Worst Things that Happened on Decision Day

UC Davis holds Decision Day for the incoming freshman class. While our home and native campus land is infested with overzealous high schoolers, The Black Sheep embarked on a journey to see how the day went down.

7.) Residents in the dorms invaded at 8 a.m.:
Students living in Tercero or Segundo looked like they hated life at 8 a.m. when groups of prospective students and their emotional parents scrutinized their living space. Even if you didn’t offer up your dorm room as an open showcase for student housing, you couldn’t escape the boisterous students’ questions and the passive aggressive comments made by parents who want “everything for their baby.”

6.) Seeing the “2–Step Rule” in action:

This was more cringe-worthy if anything. Honestly it was a little sad watching parents linger two steps behind their kids as they ran ahead, excited to start a life without the nagging and constant observation from parents. But it also was liberating to watch other parents finally have the freedom to linger behind their kids and realize after 18 years they finally have their lives back. Yeah that’s right, mommy and daddy might appear sad that you’re leaving, but they’re probably celebrating their newfound liberty at least a little. *tear*

5.) “What’s your downloading speed?”:
This was a legitimate question asked by a prospective student. Apparently they were “choosing between some better schools” but this was “really important to them.” Really, dude? What does that even mean?

4.) It f*cking rained:

This wasn’t Decision Day’s fault, but we wanted to bitch about it anyway.

3.) Everyone and their mother (literally) at the D.C.:
The D.C. was complete chaos. As if finding a fork in there wasn’t already difficult, you’re lucky if you could even find a table. Only motivation for braving the war zone was the hope that the D.C. would up their quality of food to impress students and their parents, but nah it was the same old stuff we’ve been telling ourselves is good because “we’re an Ag school.”

2.) Wanting to be welcoming, but also left alone:

If these balloons don’t represent how most Segundo residents felt, we don’t know what will. A sad attempt at welcoming our future friends, with a mild hint of “but really, we don’t care.” We want to be as friendly as we can to the new freshman class, but we’re also tired and grumpy that we’re awake at 8 a.m. on a Saturday.

1.) Admitted Students Deciding their Future in a Day:
We all remember that gut-wrenching decision that we swore would affect the rest of our lives. The pressure to choose a good school before the deadline is really hard and these poor kids have to do it fast. Hopefully they saw how freaking awesome we are and that’ll make their decision easier.

We tried to turn the day around by pretending to be prospective students so we could get free stuff, but we only came away with two things: a button, and another button. It’s fun to complain about Decision Day, because we like to remind ourselves that we’re real college students and “we’ve grown a lot since high school.” But in all honestly, we needed the day to show our new freshmen how great this school is. The Black Sheep would like to welcome the UC Davis freshman class of 2021 with open arms (as long as you don’t wake us up at 8 a.m. again).


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