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An Open Love Letter to Late Night Cookies from All Davis Freshmen

We know how hard it is sometimes to express how much you love something, but it’s pretty easy to love Late Night Cookies. Nope, no excruciating hours of crafting the perfect text only to opt for no response when it comes to Late Night Cookies. Still, we know how awkward some of you freshmen (still) are, so we took the time to help you out by writing a love letter on your behalf to the best thing that we all share, the Dinning Commons’ Late Night Cookies.

Dear Late Night Cookies,

As freshman year comes to a close for many UC Davis students, we’re all reminiscing about what we will or will not miss about being a freshman. Some of us are excited to get out of the dorms, or be able to cook for ourselves without having to rely on the Dining Commons, or finally get out of the immediate breathing space of our gd roommate who watches House Hunters for hours on end without headphones……

But we all know what we will miss most and that is you, Late Night cookies. You are the chewy gooey loves of our lives that have helped us get through some hard times and celebrate some great ones. You are what made staying up until 3 a.m. to “write papers” delicious, making us realize that procrastination could taste oh so good. You made finals week bearable. You helped us celebrate a job well done on probably-too-many occasions. You helped many develop poor eating habits when we skipped dinner to replace it with six or fifteen of you. You even became a bonding point that helped us all create friendships and great memories. And you will be remembered by many as our first college love. And yes, we mean sexually. 

 You were so unreliable, so unpredictable. Leaving all of us to wonder if when we walked through those glass doors if we were going to be greeted with rock hard lumps of crumbling batter or discs of melting goodness. But even with your unpredictability, you continue to keep many freshmen coming back for more.

With your warmth and all the comfort that you provided, saying goodbye to you moves some to tears. You were the subject of many eating competitions that would leave some filled with so much joy and others bent over in pain. 

For many of us, the site of you in a cute little pile on that tiny white plate could turn our whole day around, maybe even our whole week. You made us realize what really matters in life, and that is you Late Night Cookies and all the happiness that you’ve provided for us. We’re sorry we didn’t take advantage of you while we could, because we know that some day down the road, we’ll be up at midnight trying to recreate your love by attaching ourselves to some cold, dry, unavailable cookies as seniors. So, don’t forget us Late Night Cookies, because we will never forget you. And thank you for all that you have provided for us and for being our rock during our first year of higher education. Please know that we love you and we will never stop loving you.


UC Davis Freshmen

We hope that this letter has made you realize how much we need to appreciate what we are given, so get out there and thank all that you love before you have to wait on a fresh batch.

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