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Imagining The Avengers as UC Davis Students

In the new movie, Avengers: Infinity War, we got to see approximately 78 superheroes all fighting a California Raisin, but what if instead of being superhuman crime fighters, they were students at UC Davis? Well, think no longer, because we imagined the Avengers as UC Davis students.

Don’t read if you’re worried about spoilers because [redacted] dies in Infinity War

Captain America:

– Never goes to the ARC, yet somehow super jacked anyway
– Way more hardcore as a Senior than he was as a freshman
– Actually in his late 20s, so definitely older than he looks

Spider Man:

– Freshiest Freshman in Segundo
– Watches old movies at the Varsity Theater
– Always at his internship


– Came from SoCal to get away from her parents
– Environmental science major
– Only person who does all the work on group projects

Iron Man:

– Engineering student living on zero sleep and alcoholism
– Everyone thought he would be dead by now, but he isn’t
– Spider Man’s engineering TA


– The one who especially screws up on the group project
– Plays music on the quad when it’s nice out
– Hates frat guys that are taller than him

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– Frat guy that is taller than Starlord
– Was really funny winter quarter but is now really serious all of a sudden
– Always shows up to class at the last minute

Black Panther:

– Wishes UC Davis still had a Starbucks
– Let one person crash at his house once and now everyone is there
– #FireKatehi 

Doctor Strange:

– Rarely ever leaves Shields
– Knows every possible way he could fail his classes
– Even magic can’t stop him from getting lost in the Death Star

These superheroes might fight Thanos, but even the Avengers can’t overcome UC Davis midterm season.


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