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6 Types of Bikes at UC Davis (And What They Say About You)

With every personalized bike that exists in Davis comes a specific story. For the ridiculous amount of  bikes filling the crosswalks and littering empty dorms in the summer, there are plenty of bikes with personality. But each bike type tells a lot about a person. Whether you’re cruising through the quad on a brand new flashy set of wheels or you’re stuck with a broken-down childhood toy that still has a spot for training wheels, these 6 styles reveal what bikes at UC Davis say about you.

6.) Commuter:

Anyone who rides a commuter bike is automatically a no-nonsense person. If you have one of these, it really means you mean business. You like to get places fast as hell, you prefer efficiency to pizzazz, and you probably spend most of your time judging everyone who doesn’t have one. Props to you, the average bike pro.

5.) Mountain:
Alright, if someone in Davis has a mountain bike than they are one of two people: 1.) They had never visited Davis before buying it and assumed that all of NorCal was just a really big San Francisco or 2.) They are they hella active. Odds are you’re either uneducated, a crazy insane fitness guru or just super fun.

4.) Hybrid:

These kinds of people are very special. Like 50% of freshmen have this bike because it seemed like the best of both worlds! But if someone has this bike after freshman year then they probably hate their commute to and from campus every day. Also, they are filled with tons of resentment every time a commuter overtakes them in a bike lane. Safety is fun, but get a big kid bike already.

3.) Fixie:

So fixie riders are another special breed of person. They’re cool like a BMXer, but they can’t ever do any tricks. Or the kind of person who brings one to Davis thinks that they are “super sick” whenever they ride it. You’re not fooling us with your tiny frame and over-jacked tires, everyone knows you built that bike in your dorm out of leftover parts.

2.) Cruiser:

This bike is by far one of the worst things about UCD and anyone who rides one will forever be seen as an airhead. It doesn’t get you anywhere much faster than walking, it’s a million feet wide, and they weigh a thousand pounds. Plus, don’t ever think of giving your friend a ride on the fenders because you will go absolutely nowhere and probably pull all the muscles in your legs. So, you know they didn’t put much thought into their purchase.

1.) Penny-farthing:

The penny farthing, the crazy old bike on the Davis logo, can only be ridden by one man in town. And he is elderly, adorable and highly crafty. Any person who tries to ride a penny farthing without a shit ton of glitter and streamers does not know how to live their life.

So if you’re looking to buy a new bike, or maybe you’re just self-conscious now about the one you’ve been riding, keep in mind what your bike could be telling the world about you.


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