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Davis Humor Writers Run Out Of Material Now That Younger Students Don’t Know Who Katehi Is

On Wednesday afternoon, it was realized that the university is approaching an era where nearly half of the students do not remember disgraced chancellor Linda Katehi, further meaning that humor writers will have to find a new source of material.

UC Davis only has so many things to make jokes about. Specifically, bikes and cows. There’s not a lot of comedy material here, but our brave funnymen and funnywomen have found an endless source of inspiration in our famously corrupt chancellor.

From the pepper spray incident, to the fact that she hired every one of her relatives, to the elaborate conspiracy to cover up the pepper spray incident, she was a shining example of hilarious dishonesty that made the jokes write themselves.

Even after she was voluntarily not-exactly-fired, she stayed on as a professor with no pay cut. Sure, this might have been terrible for the school (which later told students that the school did not care about the massive protests to get rid of Katehi), but the sweet sweet Katehi memes just kept flowing.

Now, most younger students don’t even know who Katehi is. This is disrespectful to the student activists who spent many a smelly week occupying Mrak Hall without showers. It is disrespectful to the funnypeople of years past, of the ones who made the very first pepper spray cop memes that put Davis on the map.

Finally, it is disrespectful to Katehi herself, who supplied years of jokes for our fair school with her frequent and blatant corruption.

We are in dark times at UC Davis. Our students can’t even remember our own history. And more importantly, we might have to actually think of some new jokes.

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