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5 UCD-Themed Mixed Drinks for Day Drinking on Picnic Day 2018

Picnic Day is coming up, which means that you can day drink and not be judged for it. But how do you show off your school spirit while partying it up? With these 5 UC Davis-themed mixed drinks of course!

5.) The Tercero Dorms:

The Tercero dorms are where many Davis students started their journey. So, of course, it’s known for the memories of hundreds of impressionable freshmen…just kidding, it’s known for cows. This is best drunk before you go out, because it doesn’t travel in a water bottle well.

1 part milk
1 part root beer
1 part whiskey

4.) The STEM Solution:

Davis is known for it’s STEM programs, and whether they’re attending upper division classes or just hoping to be saved by Toup’s Life Curve, most students have taken at least one STEM class. This luminescent blue-green concoction is best served in a flask, if you can steal one from the Chem Annex.

1 part blue Curacao
2 part Mountain Dew
Splash of tonic water

3.) The Angry Katehi:

Linda Katehi was definitely UC Davis’s favorite chancellor, since we couldn’t find anything on Google that said otherwise. This pepper-themed drink must represent her fiery personality, since, again, the internet isn’t showing any other pepper-related things involving her.

1 part Absolut Peppar Vodka
2 part tomato juice
¼ part lime juice
Splash of Tabasco Sauce
Garnish with black pepper and lime

2.) The Frat Row:
On Picnic Day, it’s important to remember the frat boys that pioneered the art of day drinking so that we can celebrate picnic day as we choose. This drink honors the the brave bros who gave up their livers for us.

1 part Pabst Blue Ribbon
Best enjoyed in a red solo cup (or not, we’re not cops)

1.) The Picnic Day:
The final drink is the essential picnic day drink, but you can use it on almost any occasion.

1 shot of any alcohol in your kitchen because you forgot to stock up
Any sort of better tasting liquid to chase with, ranging from milk to Smirnoff Ice to a leftover Posh bagel.

There you have it: five easy ways to day-drink on picnic day while still getting your full dose of Aggie pride. Have fun!


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