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6 Best Pictures of Good Boys on Saturday’s Picnic Day

Picnic Day is full of families, fun, and, of course, ridiculous amounts of  drinking. In our current age of technology and social media obsessed millennials (yeah, you) 2018’s Picnic Day was meticulously captured on several platforms. In case you live under a rock and are not as cool as Patrick Star, here are the best Snapchats from Poocnooc Dooc Day 2018.

6.) This precious Goldie:

Picnic Day would not be the same without the wonderful amounts of puppers. Look at the sweetness in this beautiful doggos eyes! This pupperino wants your love and attention, and by golly you’ll give him what he wants.

5.) The Doxie Derby Pups:

Of course one of Picnic Day’s signature events would make it on the list of best Snapchats! These pups work hard and honestly deserve world fame. Even the losers are champions.

4.) This dog catching a frisbee:

So maybe we’ve already had a couple dogs on this list, but this dog definitely deserves recognition. Look at how joyfully she brings that frisbee home, and how great her form is for the catch!

3.) The most talented pupper:

It’s hard to be more talented than the Doxie Derby dogs, but this doggo is more talented than Adele. He knows what he wants, and he’s not afraid to impress all of snapchat to get a good look at whatever is happening in front of him. Bless Picnic Day for introducing him to us.

2.) This pretty boy’s smile:

OK, maybe every winner so far has included a dog, but how could you reject this beautiful smile? That smile could cure cancer. That smile could end world hunger. THAT smile could motivate you to get off the couch and keep studying for the midterms you’re trying to forget. 

1.) A lil’ sweet kitten:

Look, this list is not just dogs! But, this lil baby cat is so cute that it qualifies for pupper status. The innocence in its eyes lets us forget how evil cats are and why dogs are ALWAYS better. A true honorary doggo.

This list obviously proves that Picnic Day is overrated and the only really good part is the amount of dogs that come to our campus. If you don’t agree, then you’re probably a cat (not kittens) person and you have no soul. 


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