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The Evolution of Gunrock You Never Wanted But Always Needed

Only the realest Aggies know the history of our mascot, but basically only half the student population even knows what our mascot is. No, Gunrock isn’t a cow, or an otter, or even a combination of a gun and a rock; he isn’t even a regular old horse. Gunrock is a majestic blue mustang who has been Davis’s best cheerleader since the 1920s. Being almost 100-years-old (but lookin’ good for his age), it’s likely he’s gone through some serious changes over time. Here are some of Gunrock’s greatest looks you never knew you wanted, but always needed to see.

7.) The Real Gunrock:

Gunrock–full name, “Gunrock the Thoroughbred,” like he was the next heir of Slytherin or something–was a real horse, not just some poor kid sweating his life away in a costume trying to show some school spirit. Gunrock was born in 1914 and had heritage from a famous race horse, Man O’ War. He was a race horse for a bit, became a breeding horse for the Cavalry Remount Service, and, in the 1920s, students randomly decided a blue mustang would be a cool mascot. That’s where we get Gunrock from. 

6.) Murdering Gunrock:

We’re not quite sure if this was an actual Gunrock costume made by the school (fingers crossed it isn’t), but this is one of the earlier Gunrock looks. This Gunrock just looks like there is no soul left in his eyes and he’ll definitely kill you in your sleep. Rumors say that if you stand in your bathroom with the lights off and say “Gunrock” three times in front of the mirror, you’ll look like an idiot.

5.) Sexy Gunrock:

Gunrock had some pretty cute vintage posters from the 60s, but this one burns the eyes. Why is his booty so poppin’? What are those eyes trying to say? How is that smirk so devilishly tempting for a cartoon mustang? If a horse ever gives you “the look,” run. We’ll never know why the artist decided to create a seductive Gunrock, but it will haunt you forever. Is Gunrock a fetish? Asking for a friend.

4.) Threatening Gunrock:

Apparently the police department made their own special version of Gunrock to represent them–you know, to stay hip and cool with the kids these days. Cop Gunrock buffed up and got a tattoo, but it’s too bad they couldn’t put him on the fancy Transformers-looking tricycle that makes Davis PD look like oversized kids in Hot Wheels cars. Showing off his muscles, he gives the scariest smirk and tells students there’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s not afraid to use pepper spray (again).

3.) Loveable Gunrock:

The best mascot version of Gunrock didn’t actually get to campus until 2003. Made in a blue fleece-like material, this Gunrock was approachable and sweet. He was just some skinny lil’ dude who only owned basketball shorts, but we still adore him. No child would shy from his lovable presence, every student wanted a picture, and for a moment, it seemed Gunrock’s evolution would stop because he couldn’t have ever gotten better.

2.) Horny Gunrock:

Apparently, Sexy Gunrock never got enough attention from the lady horses, which can’t be true because he bred with, like, 400 other horses. After Loveable Gunrock came to town, a new Gunrock began to form, and during its transformation, it took a pit stop at “Horny Gunrock.” Gunrock #3 would never had made some creepy cardboard sign for free kisses. It just took Sexy Gunrock too far and hopefully nobody actually kissed his giant fuzzy face.

1.) Swoll Gunrock:

Finally, the Gunrock we Aggies have today has come a long way since the 1920s. Gunrock started working out, probably inspired by the spinoff cop version of himself. Now he’s got some cheap, weird shiny fur and a buff bod that looks like that guy in the ARC that never leaves the squat rack. No one could possibly take this mustang in a fight, so we just all have to pretend he can stick around until he evolves too.

Hopefully the next Gunrock will be less terrifying and maybe the university will start to like him a little more. Or stop trying to turn him into a fetish. Until then, he should get used to questions like “Why are you blue, dude?” or “What’s a Gunrock?”


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