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Your Friend Group, as 6 CoHo Restaurants

Your friends might have all have different favorite places to eat at in the CoHo, but what if it meant something more? What if the restaurants at the CoHo were people in your friend group?

6.) Ciao:

Ciao is the friend that is always there for you, no matter what time of day. They act different around different people, which leads many people to think they’re fake, but they just have a lot to offer. They have hidden depths, but sometimes they’re just a good person to get a slice of pizza with.

5.) Swirls:

The most basic person in your friend group and/or alive. They always talk about how they can’t function without their morning coffee, which is about 5% coffee and 95% whipped cream. You knew them for two years before realizing that they weren’t actually in Greek life. They’re always on campus, but you’ve never seen them attend or even talk about a class.

4.) The Fickle Pickle Deli:

Fickle Pickle is the friend that is always running late. They always have to grab breakfast on the way to class and end up casually strolling into lecture with a bagel at 9:15. They started out as a friend that you just knew from class, probably because they kept asking you for your notes. However, give them time and they’ll come over to your house and ask you for your food too.

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3.) Tex Mex Grill:

Tex Mex Grill is the planner of your friend group. They are not spontaneous at all, but they’ll take your squad to do a bunch of cool stuff if you would just respond to their group chat messages. Hanging out with them costs a lot of money, because they always want to do something. They are the only person with “adventure” in their Tinder bio that actually means it.

2.) Ikoma:

You don’t know why you keep Ikoma and their dweeb self around. Probably because they know where all the good sushi places in town are, but that doesn’t make it any better when they spams the group chat with anime references. They have strong opinions about subs versus dubs, and even though they’re white, they try to speak Japanese that they learned on their own.

1.) Cooks:

Cooks is the friend who’s been around forever it seems, maybe you met them at orientation or in the dorms. They seem to change their aesthetic every day or so, but it ends up almost the same, so they don’t seem that different from freshman year. They’re one of those people who seems to know everyone, but they still hang out with your friend group for whatever reason.

Which ones are your friends?

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