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The Definitive Drunk’s Guide to Bars in Davis

Are you a novice to the bar scene in Davis? Don’t fret, friend, because The Black Sheep is here to help you quench your thirst this weekend with this helpful little guide to the Davis bars. Whether you want a low-key night of drinking with some buddies, or want to get freaky on the dance floor, we’ve got you covered. This guide will help you find the scene that is right for you.


Sophia’s BEFORE Night Comes

Sophia’s is that loud bar you always pass by on your way to Thai food. It’s always packed with the more mature, sophisticated college students – the type who choose to exercise their knowledge of trivia instead of getting laid. The drinks are reasonably priced, but there’s really not much to do there.

Bistro 33:

Mojito Night: Present Day

The Bistro is one of the nicer bars. Nicer usually always means more expensive. To be fair, they make their drinks strong, so you get what you pay for. It will be the most expensive night you won’t remember. If you’re ballin’ on a budget like most of us, going to Bistro on Mojito Night used to be a well-educated decision. Who doesn’t like discounted alcohol? Nobody! BUT IT HAS CHANGED. For we are wrong. Drink prices have skyrocketed. Mojito Night is officially dead. 


Blondies: It is now open

GIANT JENGA. Tiny drinks. We asked for a Long Island once, and got a Short Island instead (ba-dum-tsss). On the weekends, you’d be lucky to even reach the bar. The only drinks worth your time and money are the fishbowls. Go for the dancing and giant four-square, just get drunk somewhere else first.


KetMoRee: You’re gonna leave sticky.

Ketmoree is that bar that really wants you to think it’s cool. The drinks are reasonably priced, but the cover charge is still too damn high. They somehow think it’s sensible to charge $10 for a club that literally has 15 people in it. Sure, students get discounts, but we wouldn’t pay $5 dollars to awkwardly dance on their always-sticky dance floor to a mash-up of Soulja Boy and an over-played Drake song.


Wunderbar on a typical Funk Night

Wunderbar is the “dive bar” you go to when all the other bars have failed you. They have music, dancing, karaoke, and pool tables galore. And to top it off, the drinks are DIRT CHEAP. Try the Skittle Bombs, they’re the cheapest thing on the menu and they literally taste like candy.

Our House:

Our House: RIP

Killed by the new bar, Blondies. RIP. It was fun while it lasted.

Red 88:

Nothing like a night out with sake bombs and ski shots.

Four. Dollar. Sake. Bombs. For four dollars at Starbucks, you only get one drink. At Red 88 you can get TWO DRINKS FOR THAT SAME AMOUNT (only on Saturdays though). So drop your caramel soy latte, no whip, and get your ass into Red 88 and enjoy some rice liquor dropped into Japanese beer.

Devere’s Irish Pub:

Beers and Whisky? Am I actually in Ireland?

If you like loud and crowded, do we have a bar for you. Devere’s is a usually busy bar that tries just a little too hard to be an authentic Irish pub. They have so many beers to choose from that it can give you anxiety.

The Davis Graduate:

“The Grad” is a fun place to go for Salsa Night, but it sucks if you’re trying to bar hop. Unlike the previous bars mentioned, it is not in Downtown Davis. You can’t exactly stumble out of there, tripping over your heels, and grabbing on to the nearest person to use as a crutch, only to find yourself in another bar five feet away. Plan accordingly.


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